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Actually takes about an hour to make one of my images, it's funny how time flies when you have no life. Last night I discovered I'm a size 14 (UK) according to @asos all this time I've been thinking I'm a size 10ish maybe a 12 (national average) at times but this jumpsuit from @topshop is a size 6 so who really even knows what's going on ever? . . . #artlovers #instacolor #artstagram #instacolorful #multicolor #colorworld #glitchwork #glitch #phoneart #doodles #graphicart #thetaxcollection #lovewatts @taxcollection @love.watts #glitchyglitch #artselfie #quarterlifecrisis #femaleartist #grlpwr

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I made something like this for my friend's birthday last month and it actually came out really nice -nani

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i came in like a wreckkkkking baaaallllllll

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“You see i suffer from depression and i'm scared if people know they think i'm all peculiar and say 'sorry gotta go'. It's quite lonely being lonely it's lonely by myself it's lonely being a victim of imperfect mental health.” ㅤ — Poem by David Keig and the sketch by myself.

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