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Here's a picture of an eye that I started and never completely finished. I should really go ahead and work on it some more...

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" 彼女の頭でオフ ! " ~ 🌿. ... Translation: " Off with her head ! " ~ 🌿. ... ♡Please Read! ♡ - I use a samsung tablet and Filpaclip to draw. - This character is mine and only mine if you see a character VERY VERY similar to mine and the artist is claiming it as theirs please do not call out the artist and please contact me. (Before contacting me make sure it isn't fanart!) - Please ask me before using my art in anyway. - Do not trace or heavily reference my art. . #art #artist #drawing #draw #sketch #sketching #digitalart #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #digitaldraw #digitalsketch #flipaclip #samsung #gore #pastelgore #oc #originalcharacter

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Sick days sketching

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Hey guys sorry for no posts in awhile :)) I got bored and decided to practice digital drawings so I made this for @hiromikailash 💕 - It's not perfect since it's my first time! - If you want one you must be following me, like all my pictures and give me a 12 hour shoutout and dm me. I'm not a full out Fansign account so keep that in mind - See you guys later!! - #art #digitalart #fansign #fansigns #digital #artist #artwork #art🎨 #firsttimer #new #beginner #250followersplease #youtube #request #artist #art #pen #pencil #200followersplease #sketch #wip #coloredpencils #artoftheday #followme #drawing #draw #pencil

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Have you ever gotten so busy that you forgot that you ARE a creator? An artist? While my sketching skills are as rusty as ever (and I could tweak this imperfect sketch until I completely ruin it, so I had to take it away from myself!), it felt nice to create in a space where all I have done is struggle to keep other people happy and keep my head above water for what seems like months. Is anyone else currently feeling this struggle? I mean, we are in the final stretch of wedding season after all - and most of us are going to push ourselves into a massive state of exhaustion over next 2.5 months right?! Exhaustion hit me hard this week after 3 back to back weddings and trying to squeeze in allll the summer fun with my family while the kids were out of school. That exhaustion forced me (literally, physically) to recognize that I need to take a little time to refresh my soul and my heart through creating, meditating , RESTING and finding my own light in this crazy entrepreneurial life, so that I can be better for my family, my clients and MYSELF in this second half. I'm so thankful that my body gave me the signs to stop the madness, if only for a moment. Also, it's really hard to draw gold sequins. Am I right?!

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