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This wee fella is done.

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"You can't have a peace sign man without the middle finger" Day102

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I learned two things in this 6 minute challenge today: (1) I am terrible under pressure. (2) I do not know Mike Wazowski as well as I thought I did. Referenced drawing coming later on today and a side by side comparison between the two!! . . . #mike #wazowski #mikewazowski #draw #drawing #art #artist #artistry #artbyme #artoninstagram #artistoninstagram #drawoninstagram #drawingoninstagram #picture #image #artistinprogress #noreference #pressure #6mins #sixminutechallenge #challenge #drawingchallenge #daily

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Comment from Irina Luchian:

Always surrounded by mystery and hidden messages (due to their hallucinogenic and sometimes lethal properties), mushrooms are a symbol for positive future prospects, personal and spiritual growth. They thrive in moist and dark areas and they usually pop their little heads after a good rainy day (just like rainbows do). I’ve named my character Enfys, meaning precisely “rainbow” in Welsh. She is full of wisdom and she’s trying to tell us we should be more present, lift our heads from the computers and the smart phones we seem to be so attached to, go out, observe the world around us and embrace a little the nature around us.  Or it might be just my subconscious telling me I should go for a walk 😁

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