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ok I'm back because I'm weak (I guess I just straight up forgot to finish recounting my France trip) but also I've been very inspired by my friends' introspective instas and thought why not anyway here's a photo from spring break get ready for some summer studyspo #monaco #europe #spring #architecture #travel #photography

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Comment from Davide Burattin:

Finally after the Supreme Court's verdict even the European Court of Human Rights has decided to kill you little Charlie. Your life evidently is not worthy enough for the judges. It's better for you and especially for your parents if you die...of course...with dignity! Sorry little Charlie but here we are too busy shouting "No to all terror" or, my favourite one, " We are not afraid!" to care about you. But do you know what's the reality? It's that YOU are the one who scares us the most! Yes...more than any terroristic attack. Because your sick little body makes us quite uncomfortable, your fragility is a burden for all of us and your presence represents an unwanted question for our conscience and we don't want that ! Leave us alone little Charlie, please, leave us alone walking into the darkness. #charliegard #charliesfight #prayforcharlie #humanrights #life #kid #parentalrights #savecharlie #forgiveness #jesuischarlie #uk #europe #justice #freedom

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Wine ✔️ Pizza ✔️ Watching the gondola’s float by on the canals of Venice ✔️ We can’t think of a more perfect moment than this ✨ Captured by @ohhcouture

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Comment from Soul Street™:

City of Houston blessed us with our own day in Houston! July 3rd, 2017 😎

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Comment from Ruth Broadway:

Day 2 in Prague. Was raining all day but we still went to explore downtown. Met Ben Fitzgerald they took a video of our group for facebook. Ate a trdelnik it was really good you should google it. Tripped over an odd piece of concrete sidewalk right in front of our building...that's how I know its the right one instead of memorizing the building number. Hannah and said I was cool. Ate cheeses and other cool stuff.

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