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Hiking the remote Huangyaguan pass still one of the best experiences to date  #greatwallofchina

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He was impressed by nature.

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Evening walks in Sydney, Australia always entertain your eyes with silhouettes of beauty 📍🌍💞

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⚡grl pwr ⚡

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My girlfriend didn’t tell me to delete soo🙊 #explore

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- After exploring Plitvice National Park for the day loving the beautiful lakes, magnificent waterfalls and magical woodlands, ask dusk fell we raced our way back to the top where the car was parked. As the last bit of light fades we realise we're at the wrong side of the park and now have a 5 mile walk back through the park, in the pitch black and knowing we were in bear country.. Returning to the right area and now with the task of locating the car we stumble across an old American couple in the same boat, but they'd only been lost for 10 minutes not 2 hours... But this was taken photo before the beauty became creepy... ♥

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