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Comment from Jason Olson:

Come out of your shell every once and a while

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Comment from Melissa Swidergal:

“Lightness has a call that is hard to hear.” 🕯 . . Think of the last thought you had. Was it positive or negative? I lived many years consumed by the negative thoughts. Why? Because they were easier to generate and louder than the positive thoughts. It was easier to be consumed by the outside factors and blame them on my sadness than it was to really look and reflect on what was on the inside. 🌸 . . You might think that you cannot formulate a positive thought, but don’t you see how that is the negativity taking over? Isn’t it just easier to be sad and talk shit with everyone else? Why not push your mind to new places? 🌈 . . My challenge for you is to take one of your negative thoughts today and make it positive. Notice how it makes you feel to do that. Notice your perspective after you do it. Once it’s there and positive, let it stay there. Don’t let the darkness creep back into it. ✨ . . You can do it. I believe in you!! 💗

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Comment from King Malik:

they can take your life , they can take your freedom(physically), but one thing nothing or noone can take away from you is your talent . your talent is embedded in your soul. you cant be be born without it. and we all have talents that when we fully express and explore them, we evolve the human experience and consciousness each step we take . but with comes talents comes the problem we all face and thats confidence.. we all suffer with it but its easy to know you are talented but siffer from no support or getting rejected or scared to show it. understand once take that first step the walkway comes together on its own . dont be afraid to show the world what you can do . because you may end up changing it once yourself is changed. #talent #confidence #explore #expressyourself #nuage repost pic by @god

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Comment from The Curious Sheep:

Happy Monday everyone! . How do you #expressyourself? . With the recent @sciencemagazine op ed piece discussing science communication through Instagram, lots of scicommers, women in particular, have been expressing themselves through selfies and #scientistswhoselfie, which I think has been so awesome! 🤓 I don't particularly like taking selfies (something about my face 😂), but I fully support those who do 🤳 it's hilarious to think that taking pictures of science/us doing science somehow makes you less of a scientist 😂 . The sad reality is women will always be criticized more harshly than men, especially when it comes to taking pride in what they do and taking pride in themselves 😶 you can be a great scientist and also be a great Instagrammer and scicommer 😊 . Personally I don't dress up or wear make up to lab, but the women who do always seem so powerful to me, they have a secret motivation in the morning that I can't find 😂 I like to express myself in the lab in other ways, such as my laptop stickers featuring work from one of my favorite tattoo artists, Pusheen (to spread happiness!) and of course the UK flag to remind me of my second home 😊🇬🇧😸 . Just because we work in a lab doesn't mean we become mindless workaholics, we're still individuals and we can celebrate that individuality by ourselves, with our lab mates, or with people around the world through Instagram 🤓

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