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Comment from The Kraken Pot:

9 Minutes ago

Bunny fur and rooster tails aren't cutting it? They wont even hit your popper????!!! You may not have noticed but this time of year there is often an abundance of krill (a.k.a. euphausiids) at your feet as you cast for cutthroat. These small crustaceans offer an important food source for nearshore predators like cutthroat trout. Jaquet et. al showed that krill and other shrimp-like creatures make up ~ 40% of the diet of large cutthroat in months when salmon fry and eggs are not present. Another example of our native #seatrout making the most of what's available! . #matchthehatch #opportunistic #krill #fishfood #troutfishing #foodweb #bottomup #wild #shrimp #fishing #cutthroattrout

24 Minutes ago

Comment from SPAWN Fly Fish:

Less than 10 days away from our launch of "Baby Bow" this fly tied by @flyfishingfools looks incredible!

46 Minutes ago

Comment from Sushi Brokers:

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