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"I get busy, I get crushed by the responsibilities that I face on a weekly basis, and sometimes it feels like I’m behind the 8 ball. Thing is, that’s the story of most of us. We all have our busy lives we’re working to build for ourselves, our families, and our futures. I decide to THRIVE every day because I can be put behind the 8 ball, be busy, be pushed to the limit but instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed I push forward and CRUSH my goals with a SMILE on my face! Before THRIVE, that didn’t happen nearly as often! I just simply feel great, rested and focused every day. So, thank you to Paul & Jason for coming together to bring an amazing, simple and effective product to the world and for helping lots of people like me feel better." -Christopher Hannon #nutrition #anxiety #fitness #asmr #satisfying #life #anxietyhelp #weightloss #nutrition #lifestyle #fit #love #healthyfood #bodybuilding #health @bruceleetags

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W końcu udało mi się kupić #dayuppearls , będzie testowanie. Dzisiejszy dzień zaliczam do udanych, przed południem #turbowyzwanie, było mi mało, więc dołożyłam #brazylijskiepośladki. Później wybrałam się na prawie dwugodzinny spacer, pogoda taka cudowna, że aż chciało się chodzić. Trzeba się nacieszyć, bo podobno mają jeszcze powrócić mrozy. Po spacerze zrobiłam obiad i upiekłam zdrowszą wersję muffinek, ale co z nich wyszło sprawdzę dopiero jutro. A Tobie jak minął dzisiejszy dzień? #ewachodakowska #chodakowska #chodagang #zrobieforme #cwiczenia #cwiczeniawdomu #motywacja #fit #fitness #healthylifestyle #nosugar #zdroweodzywianie #zdrowojem #wiemcojem #zdrowejedzenie #zdrowo #heathlychoices #healthy #yummy #nevergiveup #workout #iloveit #happy #nopainnogain #motivation #determination

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When you have to get lean quick you gotta jump on that keto diet! Featured double burger no bun, chicken breast, and greek salad with double chicken. Got low carbs, good amount of natural fats, and enough protein to kill a bear! 💪 Thanks Coney Island for always taking care of my dietary needs! #keto #bodybuilding #workout #fitness #athlete #food #train #pose #instagamily #health #lowcarb #fit #fitnessaddict #fitspo #cardio #gym #training #photooftheday #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #coneyisland #determination #lifestyle

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Nilesh lifting some heavy weight👊🏻 140 kg Nilesh marathe Kijk voor meer informatie op of stuur ons een PB!

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Have a great weekend y’all 😉

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🚨BURN CALORIES BY DOING NOTHING 🚨 - Almost. We are biologically gifted with an ability to burn calories well after we’ve done a cardio session. This is called the EPOC effect, or as some may call it, the “after-burn”. EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. It is the name for our ability to burn calories post workout in order to return our bodies to a state of homeostasis, the state in which the body is at rest metabolically. When you burn calories, you are inadvertently generating heat and consuming excess oxygen. These two factors are linked because studies have shown that the EPOC effect (excess oxygen consumption) is linked to the thermic effect (calorie burning). The way this works is as such; when you exercise, depending on the intensity, your body is battling against you trying its best to provide your lungs with as much oxygen as it can and as much blood through your heart within that specific time of cardiovascular stress. Once this stress is over, some of you may still feel a burning in your chest, or as though your heart is still racing well after the cardio session. This is because your body is currently restoring itself to a resting state. This process consists of a multiplex of functions such as cellular repair, the restoration of your ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is a compound molecule stored within the muscles and used for physical activity, the resynthesis of muscle glycogen which is a form of energy stored in the muscles, and to restore the body back to resting temperatures. The increased oxygen demands are also used to work synergistically with proteins in order to repair damaged muscle tissue. - The severity of this effect is dependant on how intense your session is. The more intense, the more severe the after-burn, and thus the more oxygen compensated for post-workout, leading to even more calories burnt. Think of it as a bank loan with interest; the more you take and the longer you keep it, the more you need to pay back. It’s a similar logic with this. - Any questions, leave a comment below 🤙🏾

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A lot of people when starting out in the gym are told in the most generic, vague way possible that certain exercises work the “lats” but nobody knows why or what the word lat is even short for. - Your lats go by the full name of Latissimus Dorsi. This is one of the major muscles found in your back which, from a visual standpoint, is responsible for the width of that area. Having a broad back is a clear indicator of physical dominance and is one factor responsible for the increase in your shoulder-to-waist ratio which is yet another feature denoting superior masculinity (again this is all strictly physically speaking) so I know a lot of guys (or girls) including me want to blow these tf up. For convenience, I’m gonna just call this specific muscle the lats as we all do. So, the lats are primarily responsible for the movement of the shoulder joint by moving the arms to the side of the body from a raised lateral position (shoulder adduction), or to bring the arm closer to the body when raised in front of you (shoulder extension). As you can see from the video, although my body is moving vertically, my arms are still essentially being brought to the sides of my body. This is why the pull up (or weighted chin up) is an effective exercise variation for increasing back width because despite it also being a compound lift (meaning it works multiple muscle groups at once) you get to implement training strategies such as pyramid training or reverse pyramid training to allow you to gain strength on this exercise and thus gain muscle mass in the lats. I will be explaining in some of my upcoming content the science behind muscle fibre growth and how it occurs and why I prefer to train for strength rather than rapid size. Nevertheless, for now this post stands to serve the purpose of informing you guys properly what muscle is predominantly worked in this movement, along with the anatomy and aesthetics based function of the specific muscle. - *IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, DON’T BE AFRAID TO DM ME* 🤙🏾 -

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