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Here @tonebytoanpersonaltraining we believe that building a better athlete you have to first build a better person. Making sure your athlete understands why they are doing what they are doing will make that journey much easier. Some things I do as coach that I believe let these people become better humans is - 1. Teach them that failing isn’t the end. 2. Give them options and let them make the decision, decision making is huge when chasing goals so I believe I should allow them to do so when they can. 3. Introduce them to other like minded people / athletes (surround yourself with those that have a positive affect on you) 4. Positivity, always looking at the positive side of failing, failing a lift for example can be frustrating but if you can look at the positive of that then your failure becomes a win.. that is just a few things that I think will help you as a person become a better human / athlete and attack those goals at a healthier more positive rate. If you would like to find out more about my coaching options the please drop myself a DM. #betterhumans #betterathletes #goals #everydayathlete #coaching #coach #personaltrainer #mindset #tonebytoan #tonebytoancommunity #belfast #worldcoach #creatingabetterworld #fitness #fitnessmotivation email TonebyToan

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💲ų🅿ҽR Ⓜù🅿éR 💣 KíⓂì 👍👑 🅱🅾Ⓜ🅱🅰 💲 🔨 ÌK FânTa 💲 Tik 👍 ↩👻 ⭐ 👑 ŚմԹҽɾ ♍ųקɛř👏 👍 😁😀 🙈 Gɛɯɛყ Ⓜɛɯɛყ eʟa ✌👍 Pєςคt 💪 єlค✌ Z๏г 💣 😻👽Kɨռɢ 🙇 Phot 🅾 👑 Cøøøøøøx 👑 💲ų🅿ҽR 😐 Eʟa 👍Cօօʟ🆒 Ph 🅾Tօ 😶 💲🆙ɛʀ 😇 🎀🅰 〽🅰ʐɨ 🆖🎀 👍💎ҡɨⓂɨ Pʀɛttʏ 😊 G🔴🔴D 😊👍G💓💓D L🎈🎈ҡɨ 🆖 (ʋɨք ċօⓂɛռt ċʀɛatɨʋCø〽ɛռt) 😜 👊 🙈❤ cööl💯💥 þh🅾ţő 👽💀 gථථđ😍 ใටටk👀 ทีถ💕 💲มþp🅰🔱 🅱🅾♏🅱🅰💲♈⚠ଝ😻ėFfėķ♈♐ ėไ🅰🔯 Ⓜอได😃gอใอý✴ ฟė§ey💟💫🆒🆒🆒ดඉණ ßėy📧ņdiⓂ💎💎 þrEඣුy🙈🙈🔱çøøØøx🔱ťaťไī💖 əๆබ😍ฝəได💞g⭕⭕đ👑. #gym #gymnastics #motivation #motivationgym #gymmotivation #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuildingcom #atleta #fittness #fitnessmotivation #azerbaycan #nice #girls #girl #boys #boy #man #manstyle  #followforfollow #like4like #like #follow #comment #aztagram #italy #turkey #su #weed

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Juicy double 🍑

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Comment from Kyle Stevens:

Wednesday leg day done Who else trains legs twice a week?

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Comment from Biggie Shawty:

This man was proof that you don't need to 'look the part' to be awake and conscious of your soul purpose. It's not about how you dress, what you look like physically, or how the outer world perceives your being. It's about being able to connect with your inner-self to truly know who you are at your core essence & know why u chose to come here. We all have a purpose, & the only way to find it is to strip yourself of what you've been told/conditioned to be & spend time with your naked soul. It's a process, there is no destination, it's about growth, & to grow we must expand our knowledge and learn more about who we are so we no longer feel the need to have others validate our existence. You'll never need the approval or acceptance of another, once you learn to accept yourself.

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