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Which is your exercise? - Firstly let me just say that calorie burn during exercise is influenced by so many factors such as: ➖ •Gender: Men usually have more muscle mass than women which naturally burns more than fat during exercise (Bishop et al 2007). •Body weight: Heavier individuals burn more as they have to use more energy and work harder to themselves (Rosenbaum & Leibel 2013). •Fitness level: The fitter you are the less you’ll burn during exercise & vice versa (Hills et al 2014) •Food intake: Pre workout food intake can increase workout performance/intensity thus contributing to a greater total calorie burn per session (Hargreaves et al 2004) •Other environmental/physiological factors however, according to Lee (2004) this is what you can expect to burn on AVERAGE per hour of exercise (based off a bodyweight of 185lbs): ➖ •~900kcal/hr for jumping rope ~800kcal/hr for moderate intensity rowing •600kcal/hr for moderate intensity stationary bike •600kcal/hr for moderate intensity treadmill running •300-400kcal/hr for walking (obviously dependant on inclines & walking speed) •260kcal/hr for general lifting (obviously dependent on intensities used, rest times, exercise selection etc. however based off my OTHER YouTube video on the channel, its fairly accurate). ➖ Practical implications: You’re probably surprised to see that lifting weights burns very few calories during exercise HOWEVER that shouldn’t put you off as lifting weights has many other health, performance & body compositional benefits that merit including it into your exercise regimen (Westcott 2012, Haskell et al 2007). As far as other forms of cardio go, jumping rope & rowing seem to give you the best “bang for buck” however it’s worthy to note that they’re far more strenuous  forms of exercise than the other alternatives listed thus you’d likely struggle to maintain 1 whole hr of continuous exercise. ➖

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Do not neglect your shoulders! Make them stand out, sharing some some of my favourite exercises 🤗 1. One armed KB upright row 4 x 10 2. Cable front raises 4 x 12 3. Cable face pulls 4 x 12 4. Front plate raise 4 x 10 🎧 Major Lazor- Huellas

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More exploring Wisconsin shenanigans from today.

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