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Comment from Bonnie K.:

Practice loving, practice sharing, practice all things good!

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I’ve been listening to the @spiritof608 podcast for a while now because she highlights businesses founded at the intersection of FEST (fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech) I’m on there today talking about the power of doing my own thing and how that’s led me here. The episode really should be entitled ‘the life changing magic of listening to that little voice that tells you to send the damn email even when you know you’re likely not going to hear back’. But seriously, we talk about the magic / happy accidents when you put yourself in the position to receive it. If you take away one thing from this super fun conversation let it be to turn any setback (in my case lack of a design pedigree / contacts in the fashion world ) to your advantage. And to stay open to whatever life throws your way. Will be linking the show in IG stories and in the bio. Thanks Lorraine for having me - Annette

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. 🇪🇸 Trato de usar siempre minerales y piedras semi preciosas en mis diseños 💎 huyo de las resinas sintéticas, ¡dónde va a parar! Y aunque nos os lo creáis las selecciono una a una, para asegurarme de que el color, el brillo y la superficie son perfectas. 👉 Estaba pensando en hacer una línea con las piedras de cada mes de nacimiento, ¿cómo lo veis? ¿Os interesa?👈 . 🇺🇸 I usually use minerals and semiprecious stones for my designs, and I escape from synthetic resins. Maybe you don't believe me if I tell you that I choose one by one all the stones so I check their color, bright and surface are perfect. 👉 I'm thinking about a collection of birthstones jewelry. Do you like the idea? are you interested? 👈 #sistersactboulevard

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Do you like this show? & What do you like about it?

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Dusting this guy off for a little adventure this weekend. ✈️

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A little advice for the weekend #friyay

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Happy Friday, friends✨ We're Dawn & Kristen - best friends, co-founders of Social Darling, and always on time for lunch 🙈 . A few awesome facts: 1. Before we met, we both attended women's colleges in Raleigh, NC + got the same design degrees ( @meredithcollege 💕 Peace College) 2. We are both mamas of little girls who are destined to be besties 🦄 3. We laugh a LOT - and we are really funny...according to one another. Other people? They think we're kind of weird 😂 . #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #pursuepretty #behappy #prettylittlething #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #etsy #soloverly #darlingdesign #styledwedding #nothingisordinary #fridayintroductions #bestfriends # #peacecollege #girlbosses #besties

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we are enchanted with this modern, fall inspired, half moon mani, aren't you? 🌙🍁 @cndworld field fox & radiant chill

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A little peek of what I've been up to lately and why I've been pretty quiet on here! Clearly I can't multi-task! I've been building up mountains of knits (with a little help from my knitting elves, this is just a small portion!) Ready for Spirit of Christmas which I'm setting up next week 🙈 where does the time go?! If you're after free tickets watch out over the weekend as I'll be giving some away. But for know it's back to the knitting machines! Happy Friday all 💪🏼

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