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Comment from Pawan Dumra:

~ S M A R T Y ~ . . . . In Frame : @harshiv_97 DM me If you are interested in a shoot.

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Comment from Belinda Love:

That tight grip though 😍 Just like the hold she has on my heart. How many of you know what I mean? 💘

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Comment from Ev+Gwynnies Mama:

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Comment from Naa Kwaley:

I was born and raised in a city, but I'm an island girl at heart 🌴 I can't wait to see Ghana again, and visit the Ivory Coast and Togo 🌞 • I might need to start thinking of my packing list. What are 3 times I must have in my suitcase? I usually forget the important ones! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Comment from Eunice Razo:

Cliff hangs Bondi Beach

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Comment from Heidi Mumford:

In an attempt to escape the heat today we went in search of the infamous "secret pool" that we'd read about. We walked, caught a train, walked some more, ate lunch, then hiked half way up a mountain only to discover the pool was an empty concrete hole in the ground. Now I get why it's such a big secret. 🙈 On a positive note, we did stumble across this pastel gem in a side street. Fancy the things you find when you go in search of mythical pools. 💁

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Comment from CreekBaby:

Loving this from @momaastepho -- "I've been incorporating them (CreekBaby) into my skin and makeup routine and I've already noticed a more glowy healthy complexion which I love, because just like my kiddos, I too have sensitive skin. So the more natural I go, the happier my skin is". We love hearing stories like this! If you're just dipping your toe into the water into the organic beauty + skin care world, try out our travel sizes! | Photo: @momaastepho 🌿 #CBOrganic

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Comment from Debbie Kahn:

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Tropical jungle 🥀 wearing the Stella set that is available without sleeves, three different coverage options and in black too ! So many options for the perfect bikini. Check out our website today and get 20% off your entire purchase with code "SummerSale"

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Comment from Emily Bosma:

Friends!! Are you still stocking your medicine cupboard with conventional products!? 🙈Did you know that there is completely natural, plant derived alternatives that work WITH your body's systems rather than simply masking symptoms? ✨🌱🌲🌼🌿🙌 When I made the decision to move away from bringing toxic chemicals into my home it wasn't easy. I'll admit, I was thoroughly overwhelmed! 😬 There are so many products out there that claim to be safe but really just replace one harmful chemical for another or hide toxins under the blanket term "fragrance". 🤔Choosing safe products shouldn't be so difficult! 🌱 While researching my options for toxin free alternatives I kept coming back to Young Living. The fact that they own their own farms and control the entire process from seed to the sealed bottle sold me. 🤗I like to know where the stuff I'm putting in and on my body comes from! All of Young Livings products are free from toxic chemicals making them my go to for safe and effective products for my family! So simple! 🌱 The best way to get started on a toxin free journey? The way I got started was with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Already discounted at almost 50% the kit is $199.75 CAD($160 USD) and is worth its weight in gold! The money I've saved on conventional products made making the switch a no brainer! What do you get? 👉11 of the most versatile oils for everything from sleep, cough and cold, sore muscles, immune support, healthy skin, energy and more! 👉a beautiful diffuser! 👉24% off all future purchases! 👉access to the beautiful Happy Oilers Handbook and even more resources! 👉an awesome support system to help you learn how to use your oils and kick toxins to the curb! 👉friendships for life! Need this kit in your life ASAP? Grab your kit in the next 24 hours and I'll give you $25 cash back! You deserve it! 🙌 Comment or send me a DM and I'll make sure you get hooked up! 😘

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Comment from Lacey C Schroeder:

We are ready for baby two's birthday. It is time to make a guess when he will arrive!

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Comment from Lexie Reidarson:

Head over to the blog to see more of our family pictures!

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