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So, these are just some of the amazing kids I get to work with at Manteo High School...teaching them choreography to go with some of the major songs in their spring play, Rock of Ages. They took a trip this weekend to my hometown, and did the choreo I taught them while singing at the Stardust Diner! This makes my heart melt and makes me so happy that they thought to do their dance while singing their hearts out! The audio is slightly off, but let me tell ya...their "chair-dancing" is phenominal!! ❤❤😉 They're so talented, and I'm blessed to be apart of this. Go see Rock of Ages and these kids will impress you! And speaking of talented kids, I gotta give a shout out to my first-born who choreographed her own jazz dance and performed it for the High School Talent Show! She was complimented on how well she did and I was a proud Mama! I'm so proud of my kids and their graceful talents! ...unlike someone who was walking in said auditorium that her daughter was performing at and trips on the stairs and falls. 🙌👍🙈 #DontStopBelieving #RockOfAges #NYC #StardustDiner #TalentShow #DancersLifeForMe #OBX #ManteoHighSchool #StageLeft #JalenIsabella #FouetteAllDay #ProudMama #ChairDancingAtItsFinest #FlickOfTheWrist #YaLikeJazz

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"Catchin' plays, catchin' plays..."

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