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... coming in to land

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Isn’t she a beauty?😍✈️ Live at the @airbus A350xwb final assembly line with one of the latest Iberia Airlines A350-900’s

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My first ever skydive experience was incredible!! I wanted to know whether it felt like being on a rollercoaster or more like a vertical slide and the answer is neither! It feels like you’re floating in the air (in reality you’re free-falling at over 120mph) and it’s actually very peaceful but super windy! My instructor David was really cool so I highly recommend him for anyone jumping! I was nervous at first but his jokes calmed me down😹 The scary part is only while you’re still inside the plane with the open door and you’re attached to your instructor only with a little clip but once you step outside your emotions disappear! You don’t have time to think and it’s just the best experience Ever!!! If you wondered how to live in the moment this is the definition😹 let me know if you try it!! @skydivedubai Check the link in my BIO for the full video.

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