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Comment from VinnyMwano:

Decisions, decisions! How we overcome the mind struggle of making a decision? Every decision we make we go through this process. 1.Observe 2.Interpret 3.Decide Our final decision is always based upon personal benefit, and not always upon what’s wrong or right! P.s as soon as I took this picture the train started to move forward. #iphonex #iphone6s

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Comment from l u i z a t e r r a:

WHAT? Deu no New York Times E Agora NÃO nasci para casar e lavar cuecas Berlim

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Comment from Laurel Herrick:

husband & wife (See how red Charlie's nose gets when he's cold?) We spent 2 hours standing in a freezing shed today, just so Charlie could work on the doll house he is building me. In between cutting and measuring wood, I got him to pose for a portrait. I love him. So much.

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Comment from Nate Zoeller:

retraced wonder

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Comment from Jim Kloss:

“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.” ~Steven Wright | model: @clairehartzheim

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Comment from Brianna Ybarra:

i'm in love with the version of you that only existed before you got what you wanted @hellodrenick 🖤

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Comment from Marcie Moonridge 🌙:

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Comment from Julie Thurman:

The last week and a half Austin had been away shooting a documentary for Global Surge (which I’m so stoked to see!) in the Philippines. Since we were apart, we decided to have a “make-up” Valentine’s Day weekend. It was nothing short of magical ✨

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Comment from Alex Corona:

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Comment from Arif Sutrianto®:

Ingetin makan mulu, minumnya ngga, emangnya ngga seret . . Loc : Kawah putih, Ciwidey, Bandung .

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