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Comment from Selina | YYZ:

🇮🇪 Continuing from yesterday's post, this is the actual meal (minus the amuse-bouche) from the Sunday menu  @forestandmarcy. Course 1: Heritage carrots were cooked in some duck fat making them extremely rich and tender. One of the carrots was spiced with some coriander powder which made it quite interesting. My favourite part was the crispy smoked pork croquette. It had a light and crispy shell but the inside was warm rich and earthy. The drizzles of mustard & cockle vinaigrette gave the dish a really nice punchy kick and the small cockles gave the dish some chewy components. Course 2: The base was bed of well seasoned wild garlic spatzle which was soft and tender. It was then topped with pickled morels which had a lighter bouncy texture and added some acidity to the dish. The goat cheese added some tang and the tender duck confit brought the flavours back to a sweet earthiness. All this was topped off with some radish which added a lightness to the plate and the hazelnuts added a component of crunch. Course 3: The roasted mackerel had a crispy skin and meat that was firm and tender with a fresh sweet fish taste. This was paired with some purple sprouting broccoli which had a really nice smokey flavour and covered with a white tangy cream foam and sauce. Mixed in with anchoivies and almonds helped to round out the flavours and textures. Course 4: This house made dill sorbet was incredibly delicious. The roasted white chocolate powder on top was also really good and was more mild (almost injeolmi in flavour) than the typically over sweet white chocolate. The tangy air whipped yoghurt added some creaminess to the sorbet. It also came with a side of apple cake which was very moist and topped with a sweeter Amaretto sauce. Given the creativity and high quality of food here, if ever in #Dublin again, I will absolutely be making a reservation at the more formal sister restaurant, Forest Avenue, as tasting menu there is bound to be extraodinary! #visitDublin #visitireland #ireland #travelling #traveleats #wanderlust #foodie #foodies #tofoodies #torontofoodie #foodpics #foodgasm #getinmybelly #foodstagram #foodporn #vscofood #foodandwine #grasshoppereatsdublin

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Comment from Lucinka Kubíčková:

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Comment from GourmandsMx:

Fuimos a brunchear a @cafe_nin . Sobra decir que el pan de @panaderiarosetta es espectacular y la danesa de guayaba con queso, en específico, excede cualquier expectativa: es exquisita. Las bebidas también estuvieron notables, desde el matcha latte, pasando por los espressos, los tés y el jugo de zanahoria con jícama y jengibre. Los platillos y el servicio esta vez, sin embargo, nos quedaron a deber. El huevo en salsa de frijol, jocoque y hoja santa estaba bueno sin más y a los chilaquiles apenas se les sentía la burrata. En las fotos: *Matcha latte y danesa de guayaba. *Huevo en salsa de frijol, jocoque y hoja santa. *Chilaquiles verdes con burrata, epazote y cilantro. *Espresso *Infusión de menta y hierbabuena con piñones. Platillos:✔✔✔✔ Creatividad:✔✔✔✔✔ Ambiente:✔✔✔✔✔ Calidad/precio:✔✔✔✔✔ #foodie #foodiecdmx #brunchcdmx #brunch #elenareygadas #cdmx #mexicocity #foodblogger #mexgram #yummy #foodlover #foodpic #lajuarez #gourmand #gourmandsmx #chilango #foodgasm

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Comment from Pola Nina:

It’s nice to be working from home! whipped up this salad today during lunch. It’s full of basic ingredients you can find at home (well our home) 🥗 Some kale, spinach, chicken, peppers, celery, tomatoes, avocado and apples 🍏I might make the same tomorrow as it’s a pretty healthy meal and we need to help my boyfriend prep for his marathon 🏃🏼‍♂️

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We've had so many activities lately, and I'm certainly not complaining about the Oregon social life that it took us years to cultivate (yo making friends as a grown up is hard), but I am definitely seeing and feeling the BLAH from out-of-the-house indulgences. Even when we do go out, I try to keep my food choices free of dairy, soy, and gluten - these are my three big gut, muscle pain, and acne detonators - but let's be real, sometimes you just want to indulge and not think about it for an evening. That's cool, I get it, I've done it and I'll do it again next weekend when we take our neighbors to my favorite tapas spot. In the meantime though, it's going to be a strict Paleo week at home. I enjoy eating this way and don't find it particularly difficult to do, and now I'm going to keep repeating that to myself until my brain actually remembers it, because it is true and yet, when I don't plan ahead, I still can fall victim to SAD (the Standard American Diet). 🍳 Today's lunch is definitely not SAD though, it's probably one of my favorite things to eat ever: @sietefoods cassava tortilla breakfast tacos with my *new* chicken liver recipe that will be up in a few weeks and two pastured eggs. 😍 I also had a little bowl of grapes and a quart of water. 🍇 Back to work! 💻 . . . #siete #lunch #oregon #healthy #whole30 #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #foodblogger #foodblog #food #foodphotography #f52grams #bestfoodportland #eater #feedfeed #forkyeah #foodgasm #foodies #foodlover #huffposttaste #foodgawker #instayum #buzzfeast #tastingtable #eeeeeats #thatsdarling #wellness #mondaymotivation

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Comment from Xiaosong Shang:

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SPIN definitely knows how to make their food look irresistible. Nutella & banana 9/10👅👅 do you prefer pancakes or crepes?

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Coxinha - Is a popular food in Brazil consisting of chopped or shredded chicken meat, covered in dough, molded into a shape resembling a chicken leg, battered and fried.

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Comment from Plant-BasedGod:

Tag a vegan that would love to eat this 😍😍😍

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Comment from Euphoric Eats:

• Boston Pizza —Three Grilled Soft Tacos • These freshly grilled soft tacos are filled with grilled breast chicken, lettuce, red onions, cilantro, cheddar, tomatoes and a hint of lime. They are then topped off with crunchy tortilla strips and creamy sweet chili sauce! • You can never say no to tacos! • Rate: 4.8/5 • • • • • #bostonpizza #tacos #taco #food #foodie #foodblogger #hungry #meal #foodphotography #instagood #instafood #foodporn #restaurant #dinner #lunch #foodgasm #toronto #torontolife #canada #instapic #chicken #torontoeats #delicious #grilled

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