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Comment from Thomas Fuller:

Hungover day off from work, so an individual brownie to feed 6 for actually just me seemed like a good idea. #FoodPorn #CantCutProperly

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Comment from sup:

One of my go-to brunch spots. Patio or bar.

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Comment from Mariapia Ciniglio:

Il morbido silenzio dell'anima.

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Comment from Chucktown Chow Down:

Sometimes you just need to make a sushi run in between classes 🤷🏼‍♀️ #case #of #the #mondays 🍙

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Comment from Real Food & Treats:

Just made the most amazing plum sangria!!!!🤗😋. Let me repeat, the most amazing plum sangria!!! Ok, I got that out of system😄 Ad, Infused with warm cardamom, the Stanley plum preserves with green cardamom from @thornburg_and_company adds wintry cheer to anything it tops or is added to such as this Winter Spiced Plum Sangría. It is a smooth, rich bodied sangria without all of the work of making your own flavored simple syrup because we used fresh preserves🤗 Just 1 container of plum and cardamom preserves, some fresh ginger, Spanish red wine, orange juice and club soda😍 Full recipe on blog tomorrow! . . . #feedfeed #sangria #plum #plums #cardamom #cocktailporn #cocktail #f52fall #foodporn

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