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Comment from Brit Jasperson:

T-3 months until the company treats Anthony and I to a tropical vacay 🌴 where we'll be reunited with our team!! 😻 . You guys know that creating T-R-I-B-E on here and within my challenge groups is a HUGE priority to me, 👯 and the reason I'm empowered to do that is because I have THIS 👆🏻 bad ass team supporting ME behind the scenes. 🎬 . You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 🤔 Are you choosing wisely? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I'm not all that awesome by myself, 🤣 but I have chosen to surround myself with some incredible humans who elevate the fuck out of me. Hope you have too!! 😻 . And if you don't know where to begin cultivating these kinds of relationships? Well hell! Come sit with us. 🙌🏻💕

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Nik and I have been studying food medicine and have become specifically attracted to mushrooms. We want to take the kids on a foraging adventure since they love to cook. We practiced hunting and identifying the fungi in our backyard. 🍄 #fungi #fungirl #funfamily

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Comment from Steven Richards:

We had some fun visiting family yesterday! Be sure to watch the vlog! Link is in my bio!

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Comment from Ryn + Littles:

If you have been to Disneyland you know that the happiest place on earth can quickly become survival of the fittest 😆 Here are some things that helped us keep this vacation magical! 1. Get your sleep. Our girls put in a 13hr day walking around the park. We let them sleep in the next day👍 2. Drink lots of water. Chances are you will be eating more junk food and sweets than usual. Water will help keep things moving, and keep you hydrated so your energy levels stay up. 3. Bring extra manners. It’s Disney. There will be a lot of people. The friendlier and more polite you can be...the more things will go well around you. 4. Pack snacks to keep your budget and waistline on track. And to help keep the littles from having a snack attack in the middle of the line for Big Thunder Mountain... 5. Have a magical day! This place is filled with so many tiny details...let the wonder and magic of it all fill you with childlike joy. Seriously. It will be good for you💖

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