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╔════✧♛✧════╗ ♡ vc : @sajeslime ♡ gonna b posting some crunchy slimes soon so on post notifications yeye ╚════✧♛✧════╝

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I'm just like currently happy because my dumbass figured out the password to this account so I'm back lol

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baby i got love for u so deep inside of me i don’t know where to start 🏹☁️

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So this is the last thing we are posting about this for a while, but immy sent us these , it’s not all of them, but this is what she said; ‘Look, I’m sorry that some of you hate me, fair enough, I don’t like some girls that’s for sure, but I don’t tell them to kill them self, because that’s a step to far. I didn’t start any drama, I was posted about, and tried to stay cool yano, but when people are shading me , or calling me a liar, I then start to have a problem with that. These are just three of the hurtful things your ‘fandom’ have said to me over the past few days rex, and trust me, these are just ones I opened this morning, there’s plenty more, but it’s fine, don’t believe me, I’m so over it, the edits you guys made of me are actually pretty cool, and haters are my motivators and all that, so go for it, I don’t care anymore. But y’all are just so insecure in your own lives, oh have to hate on mine just because I got shipped with someone. I undertand hating on Millie becuase she’s with jacob, as mean as that is, it’s on a larger, more understandable scale, but hating on a girl with 700 followers, who just lost her 9k account, for being shipped with a boy who has 30k, I mean, it’s a bit low, but whatever floats your boat 🤗. I just wanna say thank you guys for giving me my 15 minutes of fame and making me relevant for 5 days, I’m gonna Cherish those edits for ever! I know I’m making a joke of it, becuase it all is so crazy to me, but in all seriousness , don’t go round telling people to kill them self, it’s not nice, and karmas a bitch. Thank you to all of the cuties that have messaged me such lovely things, I really appreciate you all🤞🏻 But yeah , I’m gonna miss you guys! Stay kind✨’ — @r.ex.y @rexbackup @grantgolka ••• #rexcampbell # #musershaderoom #team10 #drama #jakepaul #dancemoms #loganpaul #tea #gossip #f4f #ifb #l4l #followforfollow #follow4follow #like4like #justinbieber #arianagrande #onelovemanchester #aldc #shawnmendes #selenagomez #onedirection #gainpost #gaintrick #gainparty #followforfollow #arianagrande #kyliejenner

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i can tell your curious it’s written on your lips ☁️

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★Давайте наберем на этой фотографии максимальное количество комментариев? ★Let's type in this photo the maximum number of comments? . So! Hello everybody! It's me again.😊💗 How's your mood? I recently thought that most of all I love, rain or sunshine? And I came to the conclusion that much more I love warmth than damp. 🔆 And what do you like more? The rain or the sun? . И так! Привет всем! Это снова я😊💗 Как ваше настроение? Я недавно думала, что больше всего я люблю, дождь или солнышко? И пришла к выводу что, что намного больше люблю тепло, нежели сырость. 🔆 А что больше любите вы? Дождь или Солнце?

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