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ELSIE AMIDALA BELLEMORE 🐾🍷 comment your name letter by letter for a tbh&dop! fifteen. boy and girl kisser. nobody’s girl. disney fanatic. stargazer. october baby. ukulele player. adores cute nicknames and movie nights. a sweetheart. stands at 4’9. has a thing for strawberry smoothies. has anxiety and depression. softie. broadway baby. hand holder. star wars enthusiast. stans daisy ridley, kelly marie tran, and john boyega. lover of vintage things. say hi!

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{ comment your name lbl for a rate and tbh } KAYDEN A. TOZIER ♡🐉⛓ 🎒 sixteen. ur local aesthetic kid who loves soft memes. nobody’s boy. annoying. actually dumb. wishes he was british. a little shy. gay gay gay. in love with reddie. loves cereal. shane dawson. vlog squad. kevin hart. addicted to stranger things. the perks of being a wallflower. loves cameron with all of his heart. watches vines everyday. you should hit him up for a friend and a very bad therapist. x #anyrp #rp #modelrp #openrp #anyrp #birp #singlerp #takenrp #cleanrp #dirtyrp #newopenrp #straightrp #birp #lesrp #lësbianrp #dmrp #slutrp #literaterp #sexrp #daddyrp🌸 #gainpost #mamirp #angelsquad #musically #lorengray #rpforall #gaintrick #like4like #likeforfollow #gainpost #kinkyrp #wwerp #dominantrp

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bitch where

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Gigi's hand is so long 👀

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ac lydseditz.mp4 cc classicpewds

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I didn't sleep today until 6 am because I watched Victorious literally all night💃🏽💃🏽

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help me hit 43k today and tag some friends :)

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The shit you will get when you are dealing with me 😘🙄😂😭

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hey y’all have you checked out my new edit?! & I’ll be editing my butt off this weekend so expect new edits:))

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