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Comment from Horn & Cracker:

A Thai treat..Tomyam soup with glutenfree brown rice noodles, topped with red chillis, cilantro, basil, some really big delicious organic prawns, mushrooms, 2 little eggs, organic tomatoes. Don’t forget when making your Tomyam add lemongrass for that fine smell and some organic lime juice! Lunch is served! . . . . . #food52 #topfoodpics #topfoodnews #foodblogfeed #dailyfood #dailyfoodporn #thaifood #brownricenoodles #glutenfree #thaifoodlover #tomyam #spicynoodles #asianfood #fooddiary #foodstagram #grubstreet #getinmybelly #nomnom #eater

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HELLO there spring green, kale & purple sprouting broccoli salad, get in my belly! 😍😍 Chili, lime sesame & tamari dressing 🌶🥦🌱 perfect zingy bowl of spring time goodness. Who else loves green? #seasonal

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Comment from Maryam Munaf:

Today marks Mother's Day in most Arab countries and it is the day I grew up celebrating. Now I tell my husband that I get 2 mother days one today and another in May 😄💐 I want to wish all the beautiful mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day but a special wish goes to my super woman, my true inspiration and love. Mama I love you كل عام و انت بخير و بسعاده 💗💗💗 . . . To find out more about the Date Truffles in the picture and where you can find them click the link in profile. 📸 @camerasncupcakes #mothersday2018 #عيدالام #datetruffles #vegantruffles

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Comment from Kristine Thomas:

Lemon 🍋 and Blueberry goodness are waiting for you this morning ☀️ are they cupcakes or are they muffins? Who cares! Because they're delicious and they just happen to be good for you, so I say enjoy! Enjoy the bright taste of vitamin C packed lemon with sweet bursts of antioxidant rich @tomwestblueberries 😋 perfect for breakfast, that mid afternoon snack break or even dessert- you can't go wrong! And you're body will love you for it 😘 ------—-------------------------------------------- Want to eat better, feel happier and live longer? Don't forget to check out Welli Personal Wellness Chef and Health Coaching Plans! Helping you to identify those habits that are aren’t serving your best self and start enjoying new, awesome wellness strategies while embracing deliciously healthy food! . . . . . . . . #getWelli #eat #cleaneats #cleaneating #vegan #glutenfree #paleo #food52 #veganfoodshare #yummy #eeeeeats #floridafoodblogger #gesund #yestobreakfast #healthyeating #eatclean #f52grams #zipkick #wellness #foodstagram #paleovegan #fitfam #fitfood #sugarsucks #lemonlove #cupcakes #glutenfrei

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Comment from Cat Morrow:

This is a beautiful looking fresh salsa but it's about to get even BETTER! I'm fermenting it. Many of the foods we eat can be made healthier by fermentation. (Or adding beneficial bacteria with things like whey or ACV) The vitamin content of vegetables actually increase when fermented and we all know how good probiotics are for balancing our wellness. #fermentedfoods #raw #vegan

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Comment from Morgan Victorius:

Baby L's favorite breakfast: a baby smoothie bowl. Half an avocado, half a banana, strawberries, and 2 ounces of greens blended with breast milk, all mashed together. It doesn't look quite so beautiful once it's mashed. 😅 L used to not be breakfast's biggest fan, but he's recently decided it's not so bad and will now eat this entire smoothie bowl!

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Comment from Counter Kitchen:

Sunny days go well with turmeric latte ☀️💛

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