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Comment from 1 Year - #LLWS2018:

37 Days ago

Comment from Mittenprints:

41 Days ago

Comment from Ohiogram:

The Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse ⛵️⚓️

41 Days ago

Oh hi, Alton Bay. 👋🏻 Long time no see. 😍 • good to visit where I grew up and see the familiar in a different way.

50 Days ago

Comment from Sue & Dean Bedell:

54 Days ago

Another #camping day! This park is so peaceful and quiet it's amazing. I can't wait for kayaking later! This is all #freshwater and it's not too cold. #ftw

69 Days ago

Comment from Danielle:

75 Days ago

I cannot wait to see this sassy yoga rebel this August! @audra_zenthis is one of the only ppl I can get lost in the Upper Penninsula with (in the dead of night) while on our 43 mile hike of the North Country Trail...and still remain bffs with. Haha, freaking love you and can't wait to get into more trouble 😂! @poulos_james is gunna have a lot on his hands this weekend! Miss you too, Jimmy 😄Haha, you da best ❤ #ZENaf #wild #goodhumans

78 Days ago