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Comment from Sarah Kirsch:


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Comment from TobyRoseDesigns:

When you kind of geek out at some of the names you get to script. This is not a drill. I was a little too hyped to get the chance to calligraph this fun pink acrylic hearts for an event last week!

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Comment from itrylettering:

Traveling today hence the hotel desk backdrop, however, that won't stop me from practicing my lettering drills as well as my doodling skills. • • • • • • • Supplies used: - #rhodiapad n16 - Tombow Dual Brush Pen 312 - #tombowfudenosuke hard tip - Pigma Micron 01 - Faber-Castell S - #botanicallinedrawing cactus and succulent edition #showmeyourletters_w #showmeyourletters #handlettering #handlettered #handletteringpractice #calligraphy #calligraphypractice #brushcalligraphy #brushlettering #moderncalligraphy

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Comment from Simply Scripted Grace:

Philippians 4 is a very special passage to me and one I've gone back to over and over in my life. Love this reminder to think on things that are true. ❤

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Comment from Anna Baker:

Are you ready for Halloween, boys and ghouls?

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Comment from Sydney Calligrapher:

l o v e generously | Let your love for others be overflowing. The more you give the more you get. 🇿🇦 🇿🇦🇿🇦 I posted this a few months ago prior to going to South Africa not knowing that I would experience this generous love, love overflowing and actually know the depths of what it means. The people there love generously and it had the most profound impact on me and how I love those around me now. . . . . #love #lovegenerously #qotd #instaquote #lifetruth #generosity #CR_livewithus #countryroadstyle #countryroadhome #justlove #gratitude #grateful #livegenerously #teamlove #lovequotes #edennairidesigns

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Comment from Sarah Frison, CHC:

Anyone else start writing their Christmas cards scarily early? 🎄 It feels weird to get started writing them now but I didn't get round to them last year so... This way at least they'll be out the door at a decent time and my friends will get them before Christmas. I really wanted to write them by hand (could totally print them too of course) so I could practice my handlettering/writing too. 🖋️

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Comment from Rachel Moncur:

I have a sick boy at home and a 4 year old who won’t take a nap. Sooooo... I rented some movies and we are hanging out on the couch. I don’t go to movies very often. But I LOOOOOOVE movies.. did you guys see this one? Do you like these movies? I love all action type movies.. can we just talk about how excited I am to see the new THOR MOVIE!!! Who’s going to see it? Who hates those movies?? I’m a sucker for all things action.. you?? #lettering #lettered #handlettered #handlettering #calligraphy #piratesofthecaribbean #movies #art #design #movies

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Comment from Simply Scripted Grace:

I love this verse! I just added several verses to the shop {not Reformation related, but dear to me! 😊}. Link above! 👆

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So today was one of those days where I didn’t know what to paint, and then darra recommended the prompt for today, and the prompt for #tlctruecolors is “where do you call home?” & to that, normally, I’d respond with a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio called North Olmsted. However, I feel most at home when I am outside in the fresh air. So I choose “nature” as my home. 🌿🌲🌳. . @thelettererscollective @occasionalcalligraphy @rachellettering. . . 🎨 my own personal liquid watercolor set (still unnamed). ✍️ @tombowusa fude hard tip. 📜 @cansonpaper canson xl watercolor 140 lb. . . #lettering #handlettering #modernlettering #handlettered #handmade #watercolor #liquidwatercolor #calligraphy #handcalligraphy #moderncalligraphy #calligrafriends #calligraphycommunity #letteringcommunity #nature #communityovercompetition

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Comment from Jess:

Just going for Disney and girly stuff this week, hope Monday has been kind to everyone! 🎀

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Comment from Sierra DeVuyst:

A little snapshot of "Paper Dolls," my digital portrait creator that I will be pre-releasing tomorrow. Be ready for the giveaway! I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday and are totally crushing the start of your week!

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Comment from kristine:

AHHHHH!!! The beautiful flawless pictures by the most talented womannnnn @nicolebarr . I am so so so excited to finally share more pictures of the decorations I made for my sisters wedding this past September. It is what led me to my hand lettering journey... I wanted to contribute to their special day in a unique way & I am SO GLAD they believed in me. I’ve only been lettering for about 4-5 months now but it’s revived all kinds of happy feelings in my life 💓

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