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Here's another ruler I did a while back. This one has a heart to represent each person in the family! Edges are routed to give even more detail to the piece and the finish leaves a nice smooth surface for marking it up with your little ones growth through out the years. Shipping something this large can happen and might not be too bad price wise--if interested, send me your zip code and I can look up that price for you! • • • #artbysarahsavage #handmade #handmadeseller #handpainted #woodsign #madewithlove #signmaker #shophandmade #makerslife #handcrafted #woodworker #woodartist #walldecor #moderncalligraphy #handlettered #handlettering #growthchart #growthcharts #createandcapture #growthruler

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Here’s week 2 of @homsweethom’s #homwork demonstrating the importance of practice! If you swipe, you’ll see how proud I was of this and how the words fit together (and apparently dat filter, vignette, + border, too🙈). The original was written back in 2011, but I really started my lettering adventure in 2016. You can see I still kept a similar layout since that composition was boss, but improved the letterforms and colors. #boomshakalaka

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No matter how much my hand cramps, how many ink stains end up on my desk (and the floor, and my clothes), no matter how guilty I feel for all the paper I use or how much money I spend on nibs + pens + markers, I will forever love handwriting, lettering and calligraphy. I found my “thing,” and I’m so grateful for that. 🖋 Happy National Handwriting Day! #keepcursivealive

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(n.) a class or set of persons, especially one with strong common traits or interests; family. * @jermaine.period said some time ago, “not everybody can sit at your table.” i love my tribe && i love them HARD. my tribe takes up a lot of space in the center of my heart. we make room for neurotic, quirky, weakness, leadership, and stunning beauty amongst each other. we aren’t about sameness, it’s about resonance. it’s about growth and constant support through good times and bad. thanks for loving me && being a part of my tribe. ☕️❤️

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Comment from Jenny Walker:

Today's #burntjanuary focuses on a geometric piece. This started out as a blank piece with no direction, so I started drawing circles. Circles turned into more circles which managed to turn into some weird flowers. I tried to think of something to include with the weird flowers and thought this quote would fit nicely. It's kind of nice just going with the flow and not having a plan... #daretobedifferent #wildflowers #geometricflowers #woodburning #woodburntflowers #flowerart #handlettering #handlettered #pyrography #avibrantmess

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Inspiring lazy Sundays ☺️ love this by @love.lettersuk

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Ok cursive is not necessarily my strong suit. I don’t use it that much for writing or taking notes (who takes notes?!) LOL. But I do use it to create words in my typographic designs. It’s a crucial part of my design arsenal. I think it’s sad cursive is being taken away. I say keep it. We creative people absolutely need it. And for those who do lettering?..... ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Who uses cursive??? Do you???

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; you did great jonghyun ♥️

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