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Этому клатчу несправедливо мало досталось внимания - исправляю несправедливость)) Очень яркий аксессуар!🎆 Не забываем листать галерею⏩ Я всем желаю тепла! ☀ 📍 Размеры 31/20/4 📍 За Вами выбор цвета 📍 Без подкладки, но по Вашему желанию может быть;) 📍 При наличии цвета изготовление 10 дней, иначе - обговаривается индивидуально. Для заказа 📝WA, Direct #вязаннаясумка #трикотажнаяпряжа #лента #сумкаизтрикотажнойпряжи #вяжуназаказ #handmade #maryjane_knit #сумкаотmaryjane_knit #назаказ #хабаровск #благовещенск #питер #тында #пенза #амурскаяобласть #сумкакрючком #идеиподарка #подруге #красота

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Tooth powder has been used in many cultures as an alternative to tooth paste and oral care. 🌿 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Enriched with healing herbs, our tooth powder is perfect maintaining or achieving oral health. Charcoal is perfect for natural teeth whitening. 🌿 The herbs cleanse & heal while added xylitol help to build and protect teeth (as well as give a nice hint of sweetness) and the charcoal also helps to clean as well as whitens teeth. 🌿 Many people use charcoal as an alternative to chemical teeth whitening. Does it work? Try it, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised like we do. Cleans & heals teeth & gums. Keeps teeth protected & strong. 🌿 #Vegan & 100% #NATURAL. Stored in Plastic FREE packaging.

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Some new, ready to ship bouquets have been added to my Etsy shop today, including this turquoise, flax, and ivory satin bouquet. Each petal is cut by hand, singed, then sewn together, before creating the satin bouquets. Vintage lace, brooches, and pearls are then added to the flowers.

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