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Spring has sprung! Let’s enjoy the vibrant colors and get our beautiful energy flowing! These energy stones are available as a set or single in my shop! I wear mine alllll the time and just love feeling good. Request one as an aromatherapy bracelet and reap the benefits of your essential oils. I wear one when I go for a run and drop a few drops of peppermint on it to help clear my airways. 😎🌸💕

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You know those mornings when you wake up thinking “ Oh! I’ll just skip the coffee today!”? Yeah, me neither. ☕️☀️

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My Saturday mornings used to be notorious for choc chip pancakes and catching up on TV shows from the week... but now they’re known for 1:1 check ins with my virtual bootcamp girls, making a healthy breakfast, facetiming family and getting my last workout of the week in 💪🏼🍑💦 Change is hard but it can also feel really dang liberating!! Incredibly inspiring to start the day reading the scale + non-scale victories of our community!! 😭 These girls have my ❤️ My March bootcamp is closed, but I’ll be opening enrollment soon for my April bootcamp ✨👯‍♀️ head to the link in my bio to fill out my form to be the first to know when I open spots up 💕HAPPY SAT!! #livesownwithstrength

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