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NEW BLOG POST UP!!! We all want to be fit and live healthy lives, but finding that ✨Balance✨ is sometimes hard... This is my journey to find BALANCE in Exercise again🤸🏼‍♀️ Link in bio👆🏻 ... It’s been 6 months but really it’s been a life long journey to get to a place where I am starting to love and appreciate my body🌸for the amazing things it has achieved and how strong it is💪🏻 ... How do you find balance? ... ... #theloudlibrary #thefindinghappinessblog #healthyliving #healthylivingblogger #healthjourney #healthylifestyle #stronggirls #fitnessjourney #findingbalance #thehappinessjourney #newontheblog #fitnessblog #selflove #bodypositive

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Hello Friends ✌🏼 Hattet ihr einen guten Start in die neue Woche? Bei mir gibt es momentan nicht so viel Positives zu berichten. Ich kämpfe sehr mit meinem inneren Schweinehund, was die Ernährung angeht. 😓 Training klappt gut, aber ich habe gefühlt ständig Hunger bzw. Esslust, und nicht nachzugeben ist echt anstrengend. 🙄 Aber seit einer Woche geht nun auch wieder mein ♥️Mann mit zum Training und möchte an seiner Form und Ernährung arbeiten, und das motiviert mich sehr, denn zusammen hat das in der Vergangenheit echt gut funktioniert. 🙏🏼 Hoffen wir das Beste für die kommenden Wochen, Anfang Juni wollen wir beide halbwegs „in shape“ sein. 🙈💪🏼 Der Start in die Woche war gut, gestern haben wir mit voller Power den #legday bezwungen. 💪🏼 #everystepcounts #abnehmen #abnehmen2018 #believeinyourself #bodytransformation #fit #fitbit #fitfam #fitfood #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessmotivation #getfit #gethealthy #grenzenloserehrgeiz #gym #healthy #healthylifestyle #instafit #instahealth #intuitiveeating #motivation #nutrition #stayfocused #vonnichtskommtnichts #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #workout

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Hello Family, I am Bre the founder of Buzzed with Bree. BWB was founded on my purpose to better my people, and the BEST place to start was with what we eat! Follow me on our journey as we energize and change the lives of one person at a time. Better Food = Better You ☀️ SN: Every juice comes with a surprise inside... #ojt #buzzedwithbree #originaljuicetrapper #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #healthylifestyle #health #fitness #healthyeating #juice #juicecleanse #juicechallenge #juiceservedhere #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessfun #fitnessfood #kitchen

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Comment from LAVINIA K:

#transformationtuesday you voted for a photo so here you go!! 👊🏼 Next week il start another @f45_training 8 Week Challenge, I am body scanning this Saturday 😅 will be interesting to see where I am at whatever the scan says I know it won’t be anything like this photo on the left! ☺️ & it will be my new starting point to smash some goals! 💪🏽✅ who else is doing the challenge? I’ll need some unreasonable friends along the 8 weeks celery boats & no red meat 🥩 aren’t my idea of fun 😂😝 #stronglikelychee

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➡Регулярные тренировки - залог здоровья и успеха во всех начинаниях☝

Как на счёт отличной тренировки😊? Вы сегодня с нами?👍 . #конфеттиSport #training #sportgirl #sportlifestyle #sport #sportlife #yalta #mmayalta #mma #mmacrimea #спорт #зож #health #healthy #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthylife #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnesslife #instafitness #yalta #konfettisport #crosfit #fitness #body #кроссфит #Ялта

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Good Morning Instagram fam🌌What is everyone manifesting for themselves this morning???🤔💭 ✨ This morning I am speaking Health and prosperity into my existence. “And so it is”

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Comment from FitSpark:

I dislike cause without effect. I dislike a lot of things, this is just one of them. The phrase “cause and effect” refers to the correlation between actions or occurrences, denoting one as being the result of the other. This is a great way to think. When you enter the gym, what is your cause? Once you’ve found your cause, what will be the result of it? A lot of people truly do not know. Some people are so clueless that they walk around the gym and use every machine in sight hoping to make gains. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. When you enter the gym, your goal should prompt you to strive for a cause (to workout) and this cause should produce an effect (a good physique). - Similarly by logic, muscle can be a result of strength. When you lift your heaviest sets for 3-6 reps, you are lifting in what is called the “myofibrillar range” this is the range within which you are stimulating the growth of the number of contractile filaments in the muscle cells (the straw-like fibres responsible for contractions), thus causing your muscles to grow in size. - Once you reach a certain strength, you will see your physique begin to change. How it changes is highly dependant on how you lift. Executing compound lifts (squats, military press etc) targets more muscle groups than just accessory lifts or isolation movements (I.e. cable flies, push ups, split squats). It is good to have a combination of both, though, as it can allow you to add the finishing touches, and I encourage a perfect balance. - Nevertheless, this is perhaps a huge problem for a lot of people; they’re not doing the right workouts. High reps and sets on every thing you see with your eyes isn’t going to get you anywhere. However, It’s patience, perseverance, and an effective workout strategy which will take you anywhere you want to go. - #sports #nutrition #gym #gymshark #myprotein #goals #love

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Comment from FitSpark:

For those on a cut that don’t know, focussing on the key compound lifts along with a few accessory lifts three times per week can allow you to maintain and sometimes even gain muscle. Too many people ask me, “won’t you lose muscle if you’re calorically restricted and lifting weights?”. Yes and no. If you’re lifting hard and heavy just three times per week and your macros are correct, it becomes much less possible for you to lose muscle this way if you’re maintaining or gaining strength. - Another thing, the only time you’re gonna significantly gain muscle on a cut is if you’ve been training for less than 3-5 Years. This is the time where your body is much better at responding to training, and muscle hypertrophy (fancy for muscle growth) shoots through the roof. - Studies have also shown that this exclusive ability to gain muscle in a cut is also available to those who have trained before, but haven’t in a while (detrainees) because the nuclei of their previously gained muscle (myonuclei) still remain present and therefore they are able to quickly recruit these muscle cells back. Obese people are also good at recomping because their excess stored energy can help aid muscle gain. -

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