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I remember back in 8th grade, I never knew I’d still love you like I did back then, but even more now. Back then, it was just a crush, the things I used to feel arent the same because you’ve changed me and made me love you so much more. I remember when, someone told me you had a crush, we would sit next to each other and help each other with our work. I remember the day I asked who you had a crush on, and the one word I wanted to hear, didnt come out. You shattered me and broke me but, i just smiled and told you goodluck, i told you id keep it a secret and believe me, i did, I was happy you had someone you liked and that they made you happy, but you were my happiness and in that ten seconds, you were my heartbreak. Fast forward to 11th grade where my feelings were still true, I havent told you how I felt. But I want to so goddamn bad, but I dont want to ruin the relationship we have now. And my dear friend also likes you too...funny huh. You must be liked by many, but I’d let them all have you because I know they’d have a better chance than me...its hard to give you up so my friendship doesnt end...but its hard. I just wish you felt the same way. I just wish we could be together. I love everything about you. I love your smile, your charcoal colored hair, your cute glasses, your voice...I’m still hoping that we’ll end up together at some point in time, but I know that hope will soon fade as you kiss the lips of another girl and tell her how much you love her... • • • #sad #lovehurts #poetry #sadquote #sadquotespage #brokeninside #nooneunderstands #sadquotes #sadness #heartbroken #heartbreak #lonely #sadness #why #imissyou #iwantyou #sadface #help

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Or maybe it’s not your eyes that lie, maybe it’s everything else... . . . . . 183/365

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"I love you, But I love love more, And I don't want to be alone in it."

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is typing... ➸ i am sorry if this sounds harsh, but i think you should probably move on 😕 i dont really think it will work out, since you don’t see him often. 💓 ☻ qotd: night owl or early bird? aotd: night owl 🦉

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