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Say whaaaat? Amazing LOXI @venedigermaennlein just spotted his very own honey melon edition in our online shop 🎉 Have a look yourself 👉

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Nelson: Lady momma Scarlett's mean ta me Me: She's not mean, you scare her when you act crazy. Nelson: I no act cwazy lady. Me: You flipping over her in the air and then smacking her in the face and jumping on her isn't crazy? Nelson: No, I wanna rastle wif her. Me: She doesn't want to wrestle with you. Nelson: Why it fun? She didn't have to bite me in da face Me: It's not fun for her and she didn't bite you in the face. She was telling you to leave her alone. You were being a little obnoxious. Nelson: I not wittle noxious. Me: You're right. You're not a little, you're a lot obnoxious Nelson. Nelson: I lub her and wanna rastle. Me: You need to leave her alone. Nelson: She gonna lub me one day. Me: Maybe one day, but not today, and tomorrow's not looking promising either. Nelson: Lady, you bad at picking fwiends. Me: Sorry Nelson anything I can do? Nelson: Early dindin #nelson #hound #dog #roughlife #talkinghounddog #nelsontalks

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That’s Dr. Uma to you!

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Link in bio 😍

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