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Comment from Allison Skyy McDonald:

Cake Baker's Tips Baking beautiful cakes are as easy as 1, 2, 3! - Position the Pans as Close to the Center of the Oven as Possible They shouldn’t touch each other or the oven walls. If your oven isn’t wide enough to put pans side by side, place them on different racks and slightly offset, to allow for air circulation. - Rotate the Pans During Baking This will ensure even baking. But wait until the cake is set—about two-thirds of the way through the baking time to prevent collapse. If you’re using more than one rack, this is also the time to swap the pans. - Cool Cakes Upside Down This will flatten out the tops, creating easy-to-stack disks for layer cakes. If the top of a cake is still too rounded, slice it off with a serrated knife. Remember, Allison will get credit for your purchase! And if you want in on the fun, raffle tickets & more let me know so you can be added to the private group party! #pamperedchef #food #kitchengadgets #yummy #ilovethekitchen #ilovefood #kitchen #gadgets #wow

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Comment from rabbott1111:

Sriracha squiggles + spring rolls + spicy maple peanut sauce = 😃🤤 Go to @healthindulgenceblog if you want the recipe for the sauce🌶

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Comment from Kieran Hedley:

Just a picture of me eating a muffin... keep scrolling 😉 . But seriously, I preach eating towards your goals in a way that you can best adhere to. Tell me. What’s the point (unless you’re competing in bodybuilding) in dieting down eating perfectly and cutting out foods, when you’re just going to bounce back to where you were? When things are cut, your natural response is to crave it. That’s all good and well to fight it, but can you do that forever? If no (which is most likely) then that diet or fad isn’t for you. A diet or better worded “a way of eating” should fit your lifestyle, and should put as little stress on your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as possible. In fact, it should help it! . Be open minded to new ways of eating and try them! Experiment for yourself with what you can best stick to. If it’s Keto, great! If it’s flexible dieting, great! If it’s Vegan... okay I’ll stop myself there (nah jokes or I’ll get hate 😂 I still think it’s great). There’s no one way to diet, just like there’s no one way to live. People have competed in bodybuilding off a snickers bar a day (yes it’s been done) and placed very well! . If you need more convincing then I’ll tell you this. Recent studies should that yes SUGAR inhibits Lipolysis (slows breakdown of fat to energy) and stimulates Lipogenesis (formation of new fat cells) DURING the digestion of the sugar through your insulin hormone. HOWEVER, the overall balance of the day’s energy, insulin levels and total caloric expenditure is the same within a tiniest amount of probability (which indicates your overall fat loss is either the same, or the smallest bit less that it’s not even noticeable). . So I stand to say, eat your way 😉 by that I don’t mean Maccas a day 😂 I mean eat towards your goals on as healthily as possible, while allowing for that little “extra” (within your calories) to ensure you end up making this a “way or eating” and not just a short term “diet”. . I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on this! . Peace ✌️

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