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#repost @teo.rocca “Il bello di imparare a correre è che poi non ti va più di camminare. E ti abitui ad andare più veloce degli altri, rapido verso i tuoi sogni.”

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Comment from Daniela Petrova:

A warm sunny Saturday that feels more like spring than winter. Love the buildings in the Meatpacking District.

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ร้องเกะจบก็กลับบ้านนอน อีกวันมากินราเมงอันดับ 1 ในโตเกียว ที่โม้ไว้โพสก่อนหน้านู้นนน ปล1. อันนี้ชุดกินราเมงค่ะ ปล2. ยืนต่อคิวนานมากกกก แถมฝนยังตกอีก สังเกตได้ที่คนยืนถือร่มต่อแถวข้างหลัง ที่จริงๆแล้วเราก็เคยยืนอยู่ตรงนั้นเมื่อชั่วโมงก่อน T^T #throwback #ทริปจบลงรูปไม่จบ #meowtrip2017 #meowinjapan2017 #newyeartrip2018 #tokyocountdown2018 #impromptutrip #ilovetraveling #thaigirlwithashortblackbobhair #thaigirlwhohasashortblackbobhair #thaigirlwhohasashortblackbobhairwithbang

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Comment from DIPPER:

⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀O A H U ✈ H A W A I I ⠀ ⠀

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Comment from Nic:

Let’s take a second and be proud of how far you have come! You’ve made it this far in life.🎉 . Now the secret most are trying to figure out is how to live the rest of it happy, healthy and fulfilled.🤔 . It’s the things I’m focusing on too. I don’t have all the answers but I will share with you some things that I’m putting my energy towards and a few things I’ve realized while i work towards those goals. . Your progress is 100% determined by your mindset and the results you will see are based entirely on the thoughts you focus on. . If you are focusing on what you DON’T want instead of on what you DO want (for example, I DON’T want to be overweight versus I DO want to be healthy, happy and fit) it is way less likely you’ll reach your goals because your focus is on the wrong side of the spectrum. . Forget about “losing weight” or “getting thinner." Those things will happen naturally with time when you focus on how you FEEL instead of how you LOOK. . 😀Only YOU can decide how you treat your body. 😀Only YOU can decide if you are going to beat yourself up, poke and prod yourself 😀Only you can learn how to take care of your body to improve your health, happiness and overall quality of life. 😀Only YOU can decide whats valuable and worth your time.(I hope you realize you are💕) 😀Only YOU can make the decision to stop telling yourself that bullshit story about why you can't achieve what you want. . The ladies I take in my groups every month initially say this is a hard program. But it’s not actually the program that hard. It’s hard to change old habits and routine to create a new lifestyle, but being overweight and tired is hard too! . Choose your hard! . Happy Saturday. Make Today and Everyday Amazing❤️ . . . #strongereveryday #eatclean #focus #fitgirl #lifechanging #greatfulheart #goodvibes #mountaingirl #ilovetraveling #furmom #lovelife #girlboss #youdoyou #whocareswhattheythink #beyou #mevsme #lifebeginsattheendofyourcomfortzone #girlswhoexplore #healthychoices #journeytothebestme #happyandhealthy #shorthairdontcare #girlwithagoal #perfectlyimperfect #lovethislife #fitnessjourney #livelifebydesign #lifeismeanttobelived #chooseyourhard #moveyourbody

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Comment from Vista Cave Hotel:

Göreme Village life - moody sunrise skies.

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Comment from Make it! | Diankita:

La foto es de ayer! Paró de llover y me fui a armar mi ⛺️ en la playa. Nadé como loca, disfruté y le agradecí a la vida por estar acá nuevamente después de tan solo 9 meses. Hoy salió el sol, el día está espectacular y estoy yendo a “La pisicinita” un lugar precioso para hacer snorkel y ver muchos muchos 🐠🐟🐡🦀♥️ Vayan a ver mis Stories 👀 #DiankitaPorElMundo . . . . #SanAndres #SanAndresIsland #playa #beach #caribe #caribbean #travel #traveljunkie #wanderlust #traveling #ilovetraveling

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