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Yes, Will, you said it right. They shattered that mess! 💜 And set a new standard of excellence! Who's going to see Black Panther for a second time? Who still hasn't seen it at all? Follow @blackpanther.culture for all Black Panther all the time (and who I took this repost from)! 😉 The legendary Will Smith congratulates the Cast of Black Panther for their ground breaking success. DC's Deadshot recognise the success of this movie😂. It's all love from this side DC fans ❤🙌🏾 #wakandaforever #chadwickboseman #BlackPanthermovie #BlackPanther #Tchalla #MCU #Marvel #Disney #Avengers #Infinitywar #Lupitanyongo #seoul #Marvelstudios #Michaelbjordan #lagos #Durban #Joburg #capetown #UK #London #France #NY #atlanta #korea #ATL #NYC #LDN #munich #Paris #US

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February 21 Second Post: One of my weirdly favorite scenes in Black Panther was the first scene with Erik Killmonger, when they were at the art museum. It was funny to me because then once the lady falls he acts all caring and tells the medics to come. Then they come @and kill everyone else, but Kaun lets this one guy go but then shoots him. He says he likes the crime scene more spread out. Then they leave in the ambulance. This was a funny/sad moment. Sad the people died but everything else was funny. #blackpanther #marvel10yearsweepstakes - - - - - - Tags #chadwickboseman #erikkillmonger #michaeljordan #T’Challa #theking #waka #sunset #wakians #wakaforver #marvel #avengers #infinitywar #deaths #cry #smile #love #family #beastmode #beast #civilwar #friends

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Dad & Dad watch baby boy grow up - - — should I do more things like this?? — - — An original!! — - Just because someone has a post similar to something I made, doesn’t necessarily mean they, or I, stole it :) Please don’t attack other people if they come up with an idea similar to mine. I’ve seen some of you do it and while i appreciate it when you nicely ask people who repost to give credit, don’t just assume that EVERYTHING has been ripped off. Other people have original ideas too!! - - — - — 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉 Follow us: @peterquill_pics . . via: @nerdxvision

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Black Panther Review Part: 2 (There will be Spoilers when mentioned) Action: the action is pretty disappointing. It’s good, but there barely any action (only 2) and they aren’t great. The third battle is filled with cgi although the first battle was pretty good! - Wakanda: I mentioned this before in my other review, but ima go more in depth. We basically only see the Water Fall, Shuri’s Lab, the heart shaped herb garden, the mine and the throne room. We never actually reallygo to wakanda or see its people. It’s really disappointing too. ⛔️SPOILERS BELOW!!!⛔️ This is more of a personal thing I guess, but WHY DID YOU KILL KLAW!!! WTF HE WAS LITERALLY THE BEST CHARACTER. I’m so damn tired of Marvel killing off their villains, Klaw could’ve been like Black Panther’s Loki, I’m seriously so damn disappointed. - Bad Twists: there were some twists in this movie that were honestly so obvious or bad. Killmonger being related to T’Challa was so obvious, when M’Baku’s tribe comes to help was so obvious, and some of the twists although not obvious are not done well. - Zuri’s Death: I though Zuri was great! Although we don’t really get to much screentime with him. When he dies though T’Challa pretty much just yells, and then he “dies” and nobody ever cares about him again. It doesn’t even change him. - T’Chaka Making Killmonger: Even though (again) I thought this was a good twist, it was Shown terribly. I mean all he had to do was put his hand infront of the gun instead of killing him. - Vibranium: wtf this metal literally does everything and doesn’t even follows its own rules. It’s literally a Deus X Machina... - Technology: a ton of technology is shown and isn’t really important to the plot and literally gets forgotten. - Loyalty: damn nobody cares T’Challa dies and literally follows their new king?! I’d expect a revolution... I mean it happens but after T’Challa is back? Everyone is instantly so loyal especially Okoye. And when Killmonger burns the herbs, NOBODY THOUGHT OF TAKING SOME EXCEPT NAKIA?! Really? - T’Chala’s Death: I mean cmon everyone knew he was alive... plus He doesn’t have an arc in this movie. I thought they’d make him have a journey to be back. Part 3>

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