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Inktober DAY-17: The royal princess Jee of the planet ET. She is protected by the GRACEFUL dancing Booxie fairies that acts as her personal security. The fairies may seem harmless but never doubt their ability to instant kill anyone with their laser death stare.

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Ill be finishing this one up with the color and shading soon! Stay tuned ladies and gents! Remember winter special 220 for 3 hrs, 300 for 4hrs Hit me up for bookings for november and december 2085151569 @sausagekingtattoos @joeyhamiltontattoo @idahotattooers @medtatt @joshuacarltonofficial #helios #heliostattooneedles #medtatt #tattooistlifestyle #tattooistlife #tattoo #tattoos #tattoosleeve #blackandgreytattoo #idahotattooers #boisetattooers #inkaddict #ink #tattooist #chrisjansentattoo #procreate #badasstattoo #inkmaster #realistictattoo #followme

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Furbolg from World of Warcraft, ink and copic. Furbolgs are a hulking, ancient race of bear-men who live in northern Kalimdor and in Northrend. Though they have no special love for war or murder, their tribes have become increasingly hostile as of late due to the corruption of the Burning Legion and the Undead Scourge in and after the Third War

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