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Comment from Simplysarah:

My whole life I've been a words person, understanding the heart warming impact of a gentle statement, or the devastating effect of a vicious one. It's amazing to me how many positive thoughts about someone go unspoken when complements are so easy to give... and how many criticisms seem to slip through loose lips without trouble. Or, even if you are given that positive reinforcement, how quickly we can be torn down by one negative point of view. It's like Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman "Ever notice how the bad stuff is easier to believe?" Many times in my life I've been quickly labeled with words that I always thought were things to be proud of, before they were thrown at me with barbs. Certain core values about myself that had appeared to be roses, were plagued with thorns when viewed by others. That is what this year I've decided to start a project to transform those digs into diamonds. I'm going to be working with some amazing people to proudly wear the words that people used against us, because they are either something we are proud of, or they don't bother us anymore. #instablackandwhite #portraitphotography #portraitphotography #woman #empoweringwomen #empowered #woman #dreamer

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Comment from Fernanda Eggers:

Yes, go and grab that idea

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Comment from birgezenkadın:

Palm shine 🌴☀️

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