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Comment from Hannah Justine:

Since starting this account I have meant some amazing badass inspirational people. I just want to take a moment to thank you all, thank you for the support. Thank you for being you ❤️ and to all those I will meet in the future, I can’t wait ❤️

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Comment from S H O O T & S H O W:

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Comment from connallyjae:

Reasons why I've been absent around here | REAL TALK BELOW . . . The last few months have been tough. Much rougher than normal. Sorry I haven't been around. I truly missed you guys. Right now, I'm mostly focused on getting better. Even though this is a battle that I've already fought, an enemy that I've already beaten before, I'm going to keep picking myself up & putting one foot in front of the other. . Please, please, please know that if you're struggling with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, to go & talk to someone. Professional is best, but anyone who is a decent human being is better than keeping all those dark thoughts inside. Please don't suffer alone. . The reason I haven't been posting on here lately is because 1) I have barely had the energy to get out of bed most days and 2) everything remotely happy felt like a lie. It's very difficult to post upbeat, cheerful things when struggling with life. And being vulnerable & open doesn't come easy for a lot of people; it definitely doesn't for me. It's terrifying to put yourself out there when you're hurting and scared. But if someone needs to read this, that they need to know that they're not alone & that it does get better, then I want to be brave enough to put that out there for them to hear. . Whatever darkness you're bearing, whatever hurts you're hiding, just know that it doesn't define who you are. You are human, and flawed, and beautiful. You are worthy. You are loved.

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This is our first #fridayintroductions but we’ve admired this aspect of the #instacommunity and are jumping in! We are Team Sweet Charity Clothing. Up first in intros is the heart and soul of @sweetcharityclothing our founder and owner Taryn! She’s a wife 💏, Mom🤱, dancer(like legit)💃🏻, and compassionate giver💝! Her generosity is contagious, and she is always bringing good causes to our awareness. Not only that, but I call her the “Joanna Gaines of fashion” as she perfectly hand selects every item for our monthly style packs and cares about each individual.🎁💖 Up next is me, Keri, and I’m a volunteer for Team Sweet Charity. One of the great ways we keep prices low and charitable giving high is by having volunteers, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to serve! I’m a homeschooling mama of 3, and my husband I work together for a non-for-profit organization that serves college students in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern US. Fashion is one of my fave creative outlets, and equipping women to live out their purpose is my calling. So being a part of Team Sweet Charity is the perfect fun fit for me! 🙌💖 And lastly here’s just a few of the many beautiful women who are a part of the @sweetcharityclothing community. We are a group of women who recognize the needs of the world and realize that even the small decisions we make—like where and how we shop—can have a true impact. We’ve got joyfully full lives and don’t want to fret about what we’ll wear each day. That’s why we love # because we look and feel great and with a good conscience! 😊💖 Thanks for reading! We’d love to have you join our community, and we always welcome questions and give free style advice. Ask away! #onlinecommunity #realwomen #changeyourworld #sharejoy #giveandgiveback #shopwithpurpose

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Thank you all for your incredible #pilatesandpets posts! They truly brighten our days! ☀✨💖 -------- @informedtechnique and I hope you enjoy this montage. 🎥 The cover photo is special because it was the first time Jill and I met in person - and it felt like we've been friends our whole lives. I am deeply touched by her loving heart ~ #friendsforlife! 💫👏 🤗This project has brought such cherished friendships in this beautiful #instacommunity! I send my love to you all 🙏💓💕💕✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ➡️ Want to join this challenge? It’s easy: 1️⃣ Tag any exercise posts that include your pet with the hashtag PILATESANDPETS. ✨Please use AND in the hashtag ✨ 2️⃣ Tag and follow @liftedpilates and @informedtechnique. Tagging us makes it easier for us to find and include your magical pet moments in these montages! 👌🏻🙌 3️⃣ Everyone is welcome to join 😽🐶🐰🐸🐒🕊🐺🐥🐠🐋🐩🐇🦄 ➡️ If you don't have a pet, please feel free to share your visit at a shelter, giving love to animals in need of a home. #rescuepets @pawschicago ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #liftedpilates #pilates #pilatespartner #workoutbuddy #pilatesinspiration #pilatesteacher #pilatesequipment #pilateslove #workoutmotivation #pilatesmat #pilatescommunity #fitwoman #pilateseverywhere #fitfam #findyourstrong #fitnessjourney #love #yogainspiration #dedication #healthyliving #fitlife #dowhatyoulove #unconditionallove #healthy #petsofinstagram #movewithlove

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Comment from PERRINE LB.:

Evening run ✨ - “T’as le cœur lourd, la tête pleine, genre vraiment pleine? vas courir !” Petite sortie after work après une semaine bien remplie qui fait du bien ! ! #keepingonthetrack _________________________________________________ #betterforit #adidas #nopainnogain #motivation #running #runnercommunity #runningofficial #Dubndiducrew #Nike #HappyRunningCrew #fitness #healthylife #healthymind #igrunneuses #instarunners #instacommunity #instarunningfrance #DubndiduMore #Dubndiducrew #toutesenbasket #laBretagneçavousgagne #Bretagne #run #fitfam #lapierre #cycling #velo #HappySummerSkechers

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Comment from amira // tumbling acc:


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