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Did my session in silence, as there were no tunes playing in the gym tonight! 😩

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(ALL FEMALES U COME FROM ADAM (MALE TRANSGENDER) A FEMALE WITH A PENIS WITH TESTICLES WHAT YOU CALL TODAY A LADY BOY) LOV King Enoch SAR ha-padim holy Quran surah 114:2 tanakh isaiah 42:2-8, book of Enoch chapter 12:1-6-- holy Quran surah 114:1-6, 42 Thomas road Aston PA USA 19014 (mene mene tekel ) SEPHER YETZIRAH Chapter VI number 3 ----- NIV Bible revelation 22:16, Tanakh Psalms 2:2-7, HOLY Quran surah 114:1-6, HOLY bible sirach 44:16, book of Enoch (son of man) Chapter XLVI numbers 1-6 (114 holy Quran surah 114 numbers 1-6 ) is septa bus (114) direct line too (42) God Brahma Creator Bapuji my father's trisagion rabbi rips codes, 42 Thomas Rd Aston Pennsylvania USA 19014 ---- Bereshit 1:1, the 42 Letter Name and Mashiach While in The Genesis Prayer there are dozens of integral connections between the first verse of the Torah and the 42-Letter Name of G-d and also to the numerical value of Mashiach, the Messiah, there are many others, one of which is found simply by adding the first and last letters of the verse, Bet and Zaddi sofit respectively (2 + 900). or 902.  The remaining 26 letters add up to 1799. While the full 28 letters of the verse add up to 2701, which is the sum of all the positive integers from 1 to 73, the value of Chochma (wisdom) when we add 1 as the kolel and/or the representation of the primordial Aleph of value 1 that precedes the Bet, we get 903, which is the sum of all the positive integers from 1 to 42. Now when we take the square root of 1799, we get 42.414620, with 424 being the value of Mashiach Ben David and 620 being that of Keter, the highest sefira (dimension). But if we take the sofit value for those 26 remaining letters, we get 3729 and reducing it by 28, the full number of letters in the verse, we get 3701, the numerical value of the 42-letter Name of G-d #instagay  #gaystagram  #gayman #gaymen  #gaydude  #gaystud  #gayhunk  #gayguy #gayboy  #gaylife  #gaylove  #gayworld  #gaylatino #gayfit  #gayfitness  #gaymuscle  #gayabs  #gayuk #gayaustralia  #gaybrazil  #gaybrasil  #gayitaly #gayitalia #lds

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Always dreaming of a holiday

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