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Comment from Maria 👑:

Давненько не чувствовала такой опустошенности 😐 • Что-то пошло не так🤔

24 Seconds ago

Comment from #YULIASNIMAET 📌:

🔮M A G I C🔮 У меня уже во всю новогоднее настроение📸 Хочешь попасть ко мне на сьемку в новогодних интерьерах? Тогда пиши скорее в Direct📌 #YULIASNIMAET

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Comment from Dell'Ugo:

Our Goats' Cheese and Beetroot Fiorelli has won Best New Retail Pasta Product at the PAPA Industry Awards 2017!

37 Seconds ago

Comment from top.models.russia:

58 Seconds ago

There be none of Beauty»s daughters With a magic like Thee; And like music on the waters Is thy sweet voice to me: When, as if its sound were causing The charm»d ocean»s pausing, The waves lie still and gleaming, And the lull»d winds seem dreaming: And the midnight moon is weaving Her bright chain o»er the deep, Whose breast is gently heaving As an infant»s asleep: So the spirit bows before thee To listen and adore thee With a full but soft emotion, Like the swell of Summer»s ocean.

4 Minutes ago