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Comment from Hayley:

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Comment from littlepeacottage:

On our way home from a lovely trip in the beautiful Cotswolds! Today we discovered a new town called Chipping Campden which I absolutely loved! We have spent the last few days tip toeing around the ice and snow, but today I fell flat on my arse 😂We also found a lovely independent shop @cotswoldluxecc which had some amazing bits! Can't wait to get home and put out our new purchases ☺️Have a lovely evening! x

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Comment from Richard:

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Comment from Angela Lillico:

39 Seconds ago

COSY ✨ Tonight I’m giving myself some emergency self care, cue hot chocolate (with the yummiest veggie marshmallows) mince pies & some good music. Today I’ve been feeling a little worse for wear & really need a pick-me-up ❄️ I hope your Wednesdays have been magical!

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Comment from Catalina Romero:

El plan de hoy.

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Comment from Holly Guertin:

A piece that’s sure to be counted among their most favorite things. I’ve always loved collecting. Most of the time, my heart goes toward small trinkets and shiny objects for my printer’s drawer, but as you all know, my real obsession comes in larger scale, handmade pieces. What do you count among your most beloved objects? Why do they bring you such joy? Shop this piece via the link in profile.

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Comment from PADDYWAX:

Even bengal cats like Incense + Smoke candles 😍

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