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🐠 Ever want to walk to the beach from your resort and have a tropical aquarium just waiting for you. Well this is what I’m currently doing—it’s even more beautiful when you snorkel with all these colorful fish. 🐠 . . . #Roatan #RoatanHonduras #Island #IslandLife #BayIslands #BeachVacation #LifeIsBetterOnVacation #TropicalFish #Aquarium #Snorkel #Fish #Sunshine #Vacation #SpoilYourself #MemoriesForeverTravel #TravelYoung #ITravelBetter #ExperiencesOverStuff #Instagood #Love #Travel #BucketList #Wanderlust #TravelAgentLife

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WHEN BAE MOVES OUT😂Repost @bigbluediving ・・・ WHEN YOU CAN’T STAND YOUR NEIGHBOURS, MOVE! • Repost from @dp4k.m • Come and join us in the Gulf of Thailand here at Big Blue Diving Koh Tao 🌍 • #bigbluediving for your chance to feature ✔ • Beach Front Diving Resort & SSI Diamond Instructor Training Centre • Beach front Restaurant and Bar for those perfect afternoons to unwind watching the magical sunsets after a days diving 🌅🍺 • Follow us on Facebook / Instagram / youtube / Twitter - BIG BLUE DIVING • We offer courses through diving agencies SSI, PADI, TDI, SDI and BSAC • To find out more about our courses or daily dive trips you can PM us or follow the links on our instagram home page, facebook link or contact us by phone/email/website • #kohtao #bigblue #thailand #amazing #traveltheworld #underwater #scubadiving #scuba #travelphoto #photography #travel #travelasia #paditv #epicvideo #travelthailand #amazingearth  #diving #snorkeling #diveasia #amazingthailand #islandlife #tropical #paradise #traveling #travelawsome  #backpackertravels #worldtraveler #scubadivethailand #octopus @fathomlesslife @scubadivingmag @ocean_magazine @natgeo @oceanarmor @scubadivergirls @paditv @aqualungdivers @worldmagazine @maresjustaddwater @slards @natgeoyourshot @scubapro

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Really wanted to get out of my comfort zone for this class and bring a different vibe. Thanks to everyone who came out last night, class gave me so much life. Thanks again to @vibestreetdance and @carmen4syth for the amazing opportunity to teach back at home such an indescribable feeling of happiness. And thanks to my #rideordie @jessica.troughton so stoked to see you grow, cannot wait to dance with you more and more in the new year. Remember always bring a positive vibe to whatever you do. Even if you had a really shitty day, you’re gonna have to forgot about it when you step in the studio. That’s something that makes a great person. Dance is an art and a sport, it’s gonna have crazy ups and downs. If you love to dance never give up and have fun. Everything else will fall right into place. - - - - - - - @tydollasign - So am I #dance #choreo #duo #victoriabc #islandvibe #islandlife #yvr #yyj

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Rushing the Hour

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Thank god for one piece suits when you’re bloated 😉

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The sunset last night was pretty freaking pretty 😲pretty typical for Hawaii, but it still makes me stop and catch my breath every. single. time. 🌴🌅

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Confessions from a recovered sugar addict 😱 (long post but from the ❤️) yep, ME! I know, crazy right lol. I often get lost in how people perceive who am now. Like I’ve been this way forever. You couldn’t be more wrong. I often have to stop and remind myself how far I’ve come, it’s pretty cool to see all the growth. 💁‍♀️ Proud da me!!! 💕 . I was super sick for about 10 years, and while I thought feeling like that was normal, and I wasn’t having any “serious” issues in the beginning I didn’t know I needed to change anything. When you’re not overweight and continue to be active and lead what seems to be a normal life, it’s hard for anyone to see you have a problem. It wasn’t until I started experiencing debilitating stomach problems, seizures, sever anxiety and panic attacks that I realized something was really wrong. The doctors didn’t help and left me with a basic “catch all” diagnosis. No one EVER asked me what I was eating. 🙄 . When I was 18 I drank soda almost every day, cause I was on my own and we didn’t have it around the house growing up. I also stared eating candy daily. That daily habit lasted for YEARS. I also lived off of bagels, doughnuts, pasta, bread, frozen food, and maybe a veggie and fruit like once a week 😬 that’s how i ate from like age 18-25. At 25 I was diagnosed with celiac and slowly learned about cutting out gluten. It wasn’t until almost 3 years ago when I was fed up, hated life and was completely miserable that I decided to go vegan as a desperate attempt to heal my body. I noticed a difference within the first week. I filled my brain with knowledge on the lifestyle which grew my passion for health and fitness even more. My desire to life life and function at my OPTIMAL level is the reason I do what I do. I functioned in a state of death for over 10 years and NEVER do I wanna feel that again. So yea. I might be “extreme” and I might come off as overly passionate at times, BUT if I didn’t take my heath into my own hands I seriously doubt I would be alive today. This is why I’ve chosen to help those who want it. I don’t push my lifestyle on anyone, I simply want to open the eyes of people living

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