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Comment from andrew:

#modelface hahaha #FUARK I love it when someone who doesn't have a fucking TONE of mooscle on there body tries to come at me with advice like brah I'm a cool collected calm mo'fucka but shit your rocking the Pillsbury doughboy look while I'm pumping out some broly #supersaiyangod shieet just for progressional pics (appreciate all the support and the fact that I can motivate others shits lit) but man get outta here like 3-strikes your out baseball style with that extra chromosome ass BS you have no Fucking barring to talk on as you've just gotten into this realm and are just a grasshoppa to the master miyagi 💪😧👌 p.s. aswell as ranting GOD DAYYM #facialaesthetics feeling quality AF per usual with the #jawline 😖😖😖. #aestheticallygifted #instastud #instamodel #sixpack #malemusclemodel #npcclassicphysique #npc #musclemass #abs #instafamous #sexy #rippedgeneration #straight #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #aesthetic #moonguard

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Comment from BTS Jimin:

jimin + jawline

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Comment from Štefánia Ostrowska:

If I ever get arrested, can we use this as the “profile” part of the mugshot??? Never again will I take a better photo of my profile. Historic moment in my life. #ImDramatic

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