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2018.3.18 🛫 Park Seo Jun Heading For HONG KONG @laneigehk . . 2018.3.19 Upcoming Schedule . 【Park Seo Jun's Autograph Event】 Park Seo Jun To Serve As One Day Store Manager Of LANEIGE Sparkling Café In Langham Place, Hong Kong . . {Park Seo Jun's message to fans} Do you want to have sweet interaction with me? Let's have an appointment in Sparkling Café on March 19. 想同我甜蜜互動? 19號Sparkling Café約定你 . Date:March 19 (Monday) . Time:1:00PM (start) . Place:LANEIGE Sparkling Café Langham Place 4F Tongtian Plaza . . Qualification : To present "White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask" new product or document evidence . . * Please note that Quota limits to 50 persons and the enrollment is done on a first-come-first-served basis. . Regrann from @laneigehk - . 【與敘俊Oppa甜蜜互動😘】 機會嚟喇!LANEIGE 全新代言人 - 韓國人氣Oppa朴敘俊將會驚喜現身LANEIGE Sparkling Café!凡購買全新水光亮白維C睡眠面膜,即有機會參與「朴敘俊親筆簽名會」,各位朴太,千祈唔好錯過咁難得嘅機會啊💖!名額50個,先到先得! 🔻活動詳情🔻 日期:19/3 (星期一) 時間:下午1點開始 地點:LANEIGE Sparkling Café 朗豪坊4樓通天廣場 *須出示產品或單據証明 #朴敘俊 #ParkSeoJoon #박서준 #SparklingCafe #LanghamPlace #Dessert #LANEIGEHK - #regrann . #ParkSeoJun #ParkSeoJoon #박서준 #朴叙俊 パクソジュン @bn_sj2013 #KimJiWon #김지원 #金智媛 キムジウォン @geewonii Special Thanks To cr @carrollchiu @lucykim431

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Cute Bunny with zootopia hat 🐰✨😘 squishy (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ #zootopia Credit : high tension bobby

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Hanbin : * listen to fans singing (What is this sound) Hanbin : *listen again & smile (*´∇`*) So cute #ikonwaitforme Credit : ikonxpicture

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