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Comment from Camille Schultz:

Just finished the hardest week fitness wise I believe in my whole life! I have never been a fitness freak, I always just kinda ate right and prayed I would lose the weight in the summer. Then I had kids and my body held on to more than it needed. The cellulite in the legs, yep still there and probably will always be. I'm not working on perfection, I'm working on a lifestyle. See ya week 1 👋🏻 It's been real #lifestylechange #fitmom #loveyourself

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Comment from Alexeus Duffey:

I have been so proud of myself lately. My body feels great and I am happy to announce that I have yet to miss a day at the gym (other then my one rest day a week) but even with that I go do light exercises in the pool on my rest day! I’m more serious about becoming healthy then ever before and I don’t think anything is going to stop me! #healthjourney #obeasetobeast #fitfam #lifestylechange #motivation #gymshark66 @gymsharkwomen @gymshark #becomingfit #workinprogress #muscles #painisgain #progress

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