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Comment from Jessica Livngson:

I dare you to name a better accessory for a photoshoot 😎

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Comment from Sam Perniskie:

Animal products. #hongkong Fascinated by the scenes unfolding in the street in this bustling city! Finally getting a chance to go through some of the shots I took over #christmas in hk. Was an awesome adventure and a great chance to try out my new #nikon7100d | pretty happy with how some of them worked out, also absolutely loving the easy of processing photos in #lightroom | going for that low contrast #moody feel on this one I’d mostly used photoshop in the past as I wasn’t taking a lot of photos, and anytime I had more than about 7 to edit it became this homework-edit nightmare!! LR makes things easy as!! . . . . . . #photography #instaphotos #artistsofinstagram #travelphotography #travel #explore #hk #streetphotography #visualstorytelling #kulchurcollective #art #life #playeveryday #dowhatyoulove

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Comment from Chris Isaak:

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Comment from C.Bell:

“We find bliss by living alertly and unequivocally accepting whatever is occurring in the present moment. If a person realizes that the present moment is all that matters, they will gain an inner stillness and appreciate the beauty and joy of each day.” ❤️ #liveinthenow #freethenip

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Comment from Alonso Martienz:

Louvre, París 🇫🇷 A lo largo de mi viaje en las 9 ciudades que visité encontré muchas formas texturas y colores que me inspiraban para intentar diferentes estilos fotográficos. En lo personales esta foto es una de mis favoritas donde una estructura moderna y una clasica e antigua se combinan para hacer un encuadre con un contraste interesante. #paris #france #louvre #europe #eurotrip #canon #canonfrance #canon60d #lightroom

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Comment from Haley✌🏻:

How can anyone have the winter blues when you see a photo like this?😍

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