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Comment from 🔥 Gus 🔥:

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Comment from Dhiny Agustia:

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Comment from justinbieber♡:

i need to rant ! ok so on twitter people are saying that we aren’t real beliebers and shit cause we don’t like justin’s tattoo 😂 bitch if u don’t gtfo like we aren’t hating on him or his tattoo we all have our opinions and it’s not wrong to say them and we don’t have to like everything justin does i bet if justin shot someone those people would be “ omg yesssss justin “ 💀 not saying he would but i’m sick of them calling us fake and stuff when they know deep down inside they might not like that shirt he’s wearing 😭 bitch bye

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Comment from jano hernandez:

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Comment from Emanuele Mulè:

E più sono i chilometri che ci separano e più mi manchi! ❤️

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Comment from graysxnbolan:

When I first saw you, all I could say was "omg how do I make you my baby?"

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Comment from THE POSITIVE FAM 💜:

All shapes and sizes are beautiful 😍 (swipe to see more of beautiful + sweet 🍬 followers)

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You can’t escape my titty stare 👀

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Comment from itsyoboymccoy:

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