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Type 'Yes' of you agree. Do share your kindness with everyone 💫 _______________________ Follow @peace.whisperer _______________________ 📷 @annamcnaughty

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Haven’t hit these in a while, come try some Olympic lifting with us!

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A poem about self worth. I am not less of a woman because I'm thin I am not less of a woman because I don't have children I am not less of a woman because I am having a long engagement I am not less of a woman because.... fill in the blank My self worth is not based on your expectations of me.

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Tak sabarnya admin 😁😄 saksikan persembahan dari @official_xpose #sandiwara secara #live di #facebooklive okay👌 . Yang belum ada #facebook tu jom install sekarang & tonton ramai2 besok yeah.. . #Repost with @get_repost ・・・ Malam esok, secara LIVE streaming daripada Facebook ERA, saksikan siapakah pemenang bagi setiap kategori dalam #ERADMA17 dan juga berhibur dgn persembahan-persembahan menarik daripada barisan artis terkenal. Jangan lupa malam esok ok?

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Summer's over too soon

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Take me back to summer paradise 🌴

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