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Comment from Melissa Ruba:

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Comment from Amina Chouaïri:

LA MADDALENA PENITENTE, FRANCESCO HAYEZ (1832) DETTAGLIO . . Maddalena allora s'alzò e urlò con tutto il cuore Dio non mi fai paura Tu che hai fatto un figlio senza far l'amore Che vuoi capirci di questa fregatura? . . @gam_milano

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Comment from Chester:

Cause I've been MIA for a month, here's an update: - I'm alive 🙌 - My room is looking like a florist shop cause of my thesis 🌸 - Counting the days 'til graduation 🎓 - Watching a good amount of movies due to moviepass 🎬 - Got a new car ✨🚗 ✨ Until next month for an update. 😅 Nah I haven't been updating cause content creating is a lot of work and I don't really want to show thesis related things to not spoil the project. Just wanted to say hi to everyone who follows and hope you're all doing well ☺️

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Comment from Design Your Life:

85% of my success has come from trusting myself. 10% showing up and 5% from knowing exactly who I’m meant to serve. You see, one you figure out and niche down to a very specific client making the money that you want gets a whole lot easier. The hard part is waking up every single day and doing it in spite of fear and unknown but if you do then your life and business will change, there is no way it can’t! Click the link in the profile to learn more.

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Comment from TJ Israelsen:

Even though she just had her wisdom teeth out, she let me take her picture 😁

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Comment from Angelissa Cassiani:

Flowers, flowers, flowers: one of my favorite sights. The last day of winter is here — which means there’s more of those kind of sights ahead. 💐

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puppies make everything better…especially monday mornings 🖤

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Comment from Christine C:

Next stop: Louis Vuitton Volez Voguez Voyagez 🚃 The exhibit in NY is only open for a few more days but you can see it up on my blog now

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