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こないだイヤリングの話してたら 欲しくなったから買っちゃった〜〜 穴開ける勇気ないちきんです笑 あ、みつ編みできるぐらい髪伸びましたよ!! #love #me #l4l #tflres #fun #lol #swag #gril #fashion #ootd

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#Repost @revitalashnewzealand ( @get_repost) ・・・ A gift that began with love ♡ Interview with RevitaLash Founder Dr Michael Brinkenhoff ♡ How did you start your journey with beauty? "That’s an interesting question to an Ophthalmologist. Had you asked me that question thirty years ago, I would have laughed it off as not possible! My journey with beauty was truly unexpected and it all started with my wife, Gayle. At the time the original RevitaLash® Cosmetics formula was developed, Gayle was battling metastatic breast cancer. She talked often about the tolls the disease and treatment were taking on her appearance – specifically her brittle, lifeless lashes – and she would share with me the way it made her feel less confident and less beautiful. As a man, I had never made that connection of the importance of eyelashes in helping a woman identify with her sense of beauty, confidence, and overall femininity. I wanted to do something that would help my wife feel good on the inside and out. I started researching alongside a trusted group of cosmetic chemists who helped me develop our first lash conditioner – from there RevitaLash® Cosmetics was born. Little did I know I was pioneering an entirely new beauty category that would be booming 10 years later." ♡♡♡♡♡♡ . . . . . . . . . . #behindthescenes #revitalash #revitalashnz #historylessons #drb #revitalashcosmetics #athenacosmetics #philanthropy #newzealand #proud #love 愛で始まった贈り物♡ RevitaLashの創設者Dr Michael Binkenhoffとのインタビュー♡ どのように美しさであなたの旅を始めましたか? "それは眼科医にとっては興味深い質問です。30年前に私にその質問をしてくれたのですが、私はそれを可能な限り笑ってしまいました!美しさの旅は本当に予期せぬものでした。オリジナルのRevitaLash®化粧品処方が開発され、ゲイレは転移性乳がんと戦っていました。彼女は病気や治療が彼女の外見、とりわけ彼女の脆弱で生命のない睫毛に関わっていると話していました。私は妻が自分の美しさ、自信、全体的な女性感情を見分けるのを助けるのにまつげの重要性を結びつけたことは一度もありませんでした。 RevitaLash®Cosmeticsが生まれました。私は最初のラッシュコンディショナーを開発するのを助けた化粧品化学者の信頼できるグループと一緒に研究を始めました。 10年後には全く新しい美容カテゴリを開拓していたことは分かっています」 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡。

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❤Mi Amor❤ Meet Jake, the man who's always behind the camera. He takes nearly all of my photos, he's my #1 supporter, and he puts up with me 24/7. I have some exciting video projects coming up featuring @rhi.anne and they are super talented so stay tuned! 😎 #love #fashion #blogger #sacramento #cali #california #couple

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