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Comment from Emily:

UP BRIGHT AND EARLY // I think I must be really, really ill. I woke up (and happily got up) SUPER early this morning. Like 4:45am early. And then I went on a stealth cleaning mission pre-sunrise ⁉️ Seriously I’m telling ya, I’m in a bad way. This is not normal behaviour!!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️❌ WHO does that on a Monday morning? The good news though is that two weeks into being 3️⃣0️⃣ and I haven’t killed off this pretty orchid. Ok so technically I was away for one of those two weeks. But it’s still alive which might be a personal best ✔️💕

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Comment from Julie:

•Home sweet home• Je me réveille doucement en ce lundi matin, je profite d'une troisième journée off de weekend, et ça c'est la classe 😎. Et cette vue c'est celle que j'ai lorsque j'ouvre les yeux le matin. J'aime bien ce nouvel agencement dans ma chambre. C'est cosy, doux et jungle... tout ce que j'aime 🖤 . 🎶Le lundi au soleil - Claude François 🎶 . . . #home #homesweethome #lundi #monday #mondaylight #mondaymorning #morning #chambre #plantes #urbanjungle #jungle #ficus #calathea #cactus #light #déco #décoration #noubliepasdarroserlesplantes #toulouselautrec #egonschiele #copie #paint #peinture

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Comment from HairOnPurpose Inc:

Sometimes we get caught up in making sure we are living out our "Purpose." We read all these books and listen to all these things that are supposed to help us "find" our path. The reality is your purpose isn't tied to just one singular thing. You can have multiple purposes and each day you can be used to live out your purpose differently. Sometimes your purpose may be as simple as giving someone a hug or an encouraging word. That hug or word may manifest itself into the universe in a way that is way bigger than you. Seek to be able to discern your daily purpose and you'll find that it will all makes sense later. #HairOnPurpose #MondayLight&Love

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Comment from Diana Maux:

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