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Working on a little Throat Chakra magic this morning 💗🌠😄 The fifth Chakra called 'Visuddha' means very pure or purification. This energy center is associated with your voice, it relates to your ability to speak your truth, express ideas clearly, thruthfully and gracefully and become harmoniously attuned to both inner and outer vibrations 🌈 Our beautiful Blue Lace Agate and Clear Quartz blend we named Tranquillity is our Throat Chakra blend. Beautiful, beneficial holistic hydration through the resonance of crystal vibrations. Hope your day is magical my friends 🌹💎💖 . Visit our bio for links to our website for more information on our holistic approach to health through gem water hydration. 10% off at checkout use code word HYDRATEHOTTIE xx . . #longemity #shaman #healer #healinggems #healingstones #crystalhealing #crystalenergy #meditation #healingcrystals #chakra #stones #energywork #energyhealing #chakrareset #magic #crystalgems #gems #gemstones #cleansing #spiritjunkie #spiritualist #bluelaceagate #clearquartz #crystals #moonstone #lightworker #vegan #reiki #holistic #yoga

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I request a poll! Which shape do you like your morning mug to be? Straight and comfy, round, unique? Open or narrow at the top? Fit for an entire pot of coffee, or tiny for expresso? Any additional accoutrements? . . Bringing you a close up of the mugs from yesterday's post because I'm a woman that just. can't. be. stopped. 😮 Jk, but I ammm a blue lover! Day 2 in this summer wonderland in February was a dream. I took a nap in the sun during my lunch break and had all windows and doors open in the studio. Stay forever breezy 80 degrees!

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Remember my half heart earrings? I've been sold out of them for a couple months because they are not the easiest thing in the world to make (the symmetry gah) but I'm going to start on a few new pairs this week:) What gemstones would you like to see in them? ❤ Going to revamp the website a little and remove the mounds of sold listings cluttering up the store, but don't worry all the sold pieces will still be available to view under the gallery☠ Hope everyone is having a great night !

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Cuddling with crystals in my bed because it’s one of those days. 💎 This beauty is a go-to for when I need to retune into myself and align with my cycle. Moonstone supports the embracing and opening of all things feminine - including intuition - bringing balance and harmony to emotions and hormones.

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Comment from Angel Allen:

🕴Loving the unique color play in this banded Agate and #Moonstone wrapped in #gold filled wire. 💜 This is one of the many things I accomplished today and i gotta day I’m pretty proud of myself. 💁🏻‍♀️ #SmallBusinessMama

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My Mommy is selling crystals! If you're interested, just go to the IG shop 😊 #Repost from @moonhalocrystal with ... 🌈 Rainbow moonstones are said to support a connection the Goddess and the moon. 🌕 As with all the other moonstones, it helps with regulating menstrual and fertility cycles, as well as menopause. It aids in easing emotional stress or trauma and also deflects negativity. 🙌 💎 Carry one in your pocket (or wear one in your bra) and allow it to soothe your emotions. You can have it wire-wrapped into a necklace or have it made into a statement ring too. Get one tumbled rainbow moonstone (origin: USA) for only PHP 200. #moonstone #rainbowmoonstone #tumbledstone #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #menstruation #fertility #menopause #emotionalstress #positivity

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