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This Sunday i.e. Dec 17th, Delhi bikers are all set for @delhi_bikers_fest an annual mega event for the love of motorcycles! DBF 2017, a fantastic excuse to relax with fellow bikers & your family! The fest hopes to bring together all motorcycle enthusiasts and clubs on level ground to experience "Motorcycling at its Best!" REGISTER now for Delhi Bikers Fest: . . . letsgoDBF DBF17 delhibikersfest

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Thanks @dougfalter, for making me look a hell of a lot cooler than I am.

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#Repost from @matt_rdzlne our brand founder. ・・・ Sometimes I wonder is it all worth it. In a industry full of mainstream big dollar companies that have millions of customers at their finger tips because most people seem to only support the Top brands. But I get it, Those top brands are there for a reason. They have quality products. I sometimes wonder is it worth trying to compete? But then I remember that I never started my brand for money or to compete with other companies. I started it out of a love for motorcycles and action sports. I’m not a good rider and I’ll be the first to admit that. But I have fun every single time I throw a leg over a bike. That’s why I started this brand. I will continue to create products and rep my brand even if I end up with only one customer 🤙🏻 #forthelove #passion #supportlocal #neverstop #mx #moto #motolife #bikelife #dirtbikes #motorcycle #goodtimes #mxglove #freeride #bmxlife #mtb #fmx #bmx #dh #actionsports #enduro #offroad #sx #supercross

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