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Comment from Sharon Shepherd:

Hello moon!

2 Minutes ago

I wish you a wonderful Tuesday 😊 here's some frost for you 😁

2 Minutes ago

Comment from Ana Milena Varona:

Bright day 🌾🌞💕

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Mahnoor:

There was a once a middle aged woman who was throughly enjoing her quiet life. It did not bother her at all that none of her building mates ever said hello to her, or that they didn't think her to be decent enough of a person t be said hello to. But given that there was no communication ever, only meant that they minded their own business and she her own. Because for the life of her she could not put up with nosey people. But than on a extrodinary bright September day, a family of 4 moved in, a girl and boy and their parents. Now, the parents and the little girl realized very quickly that, it was best to not say hello, or nod, or politely smile at Mrs. Simpleton, but the little boy for some reason was beyound all that. As if by some unbidden rule, every morning going to school, he would say good morning to her, or as she would go down to get newspaper,he would ask if the world was faring well, or say hello her upon coming back from school but and ask how was lunch. Basically every time he saw her in the day he would ask hey something or smile her way. But no matter how many glares, or scowls Mrs. Simpleton would through his way, or no matter how high of wall of ' I'm just going to ignore your', she would put up, the boy was equally relentless. Within two weeks he memorized her schedule, and letting her know he knew by asking her, how work was, or her knitting lessons, or if it was humid in the library, forcing Mrs, Simpleton to turn horrendous. She began to complain about the noise the kids made at the meetings with the Suppeer, or how much of a mess they made in the hallway, or how they kept running around every where. Basically every thing and any thing about the kids she knew about she complained about it. But every one knew she was complaining for complaining sake. But her rattle earned little Ali alot of lectures from his parents, for making things hard for them by not leaving her alone... So he promised that he wouldn't provoke Mrs. Simpleton any more. But things only got worse because by now, she was so paranoid that Ali's every smile or nod seems to mean something to her. . . [Continue⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ]

4 Minutes ago

Comment from Sharon Shepherd:

Good morning! my southern view

31 Minutes ago

Comment from Sharon Shepherd:

The Sentinel Tree old homeplace road

59 Minutes ago

Comment from Sharon Shepherd:

The road by the old homeplace

1 Hours ago