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These results are amazing! 😍🙌🏻 seriously love the triple threat. I started a 90 day weight loss challenge and have 10 spots open! Send me a pm to get started today. #2018 #weightloss #newyear #newyou

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The New Year means it is time for another #Giveaway! Here's how to enter to win the official Val Stefani tote, floral robe, and tumbler: 1) Like this post 2)Tag 1 friend in the comments 3)Make sure you and your friend are following @valstefani and the two of you could win! Winners will be selected at random on January 31st and we will send the winners a DM! #newyear #2018 #musthave

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Comment from Michele Muzzi:

Papà: "pubblica foto" Io: "è di Natale però" Papà: "ci sono ancora le luci a Milano!" Io: "ahahahaha" Papà: "di' che hai sviluppato ora il rullino!" #christmas #newyear #2018

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Когда все устали от оливье и традиционных домашних деликатесов, сладкий стол заходит на ура/излюбленная фраза мужа-сластены/😋 А когда за "сладкое" дело берётся профессионал @alexandra_aks, празднику души быть! Знали бы вы как это вкусно!😙👌 #cupcake #dessert #newyear #edisonstudio #vgomele

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It's OK to be fu*ked up!!! 🔊

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